A Corrupted Linguistics
Bob Levine, Paul Postal
April 2004

This paper argues that N. Chomsky's linguistics has been thoroughly saturated with intellectual dishonesty from at least the publication of his 1957 volume Syntactic  Structures. This claim is supported by the analysis of four cases: the treatment of passives in the latter work, his advocacy of the so-called A-over-A Principle, his adoption of the ideas of others without credit and his distortion, and baseless denigration, of the record of achievement in the physical sciences. (Republished, with permission from Encounter Books, from The Anti-Chomsky Reader, 2004).
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Reference: lingbuzz/001634
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Published in: The Anti-Chomsky Reader (Encounter Books, 2004)
keywords: chomsky, theoretical syntax, scientific practice, intellectual integrity, syntax
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