Verbal Stylistic Fronting in Old Florentine
Irene Franco
April 2012

This paper is a new, significantly changed version of "Old Florentine Stylistic Fronting". I focus on the syntactic phenomenon of Stylistic Fronting (SF) in Old Florentine/Tuscan (OFT), and contrast it to the construction first identified by Maling (1980, 1990) in Icelandic, and attested in other Old Scandinavian languages. SF consists of fronting of a lexical item (belonging to a heterogeneous categorial set) to a preverbal position, in absence of an overt, verb-adjacent subject. I concentrate on verbal SF and argue that the complementary distribution of OFT SF and overt subjects in Spec, IP depends on the fact that they are two different strategies to satisfy an interpretational requirement imposed on FinP (cf. Rizzi 1997), according to which argument and event coordinates are anchored to the discourse and interpreted as prominent information (cf. Sigurðsson 2004, 2011), similarly to a Familiar Topic in Frascarelli’s (2007) terms. The analysis is supported by synchronic and diachronic facts.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001510
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keywords: stylistic fronting, subject drop, finiteness, syntax
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