Adjectival passives and adjectival participles in English
Andrew Mcintyre
June 2012

This article gives a (preliminary) analysis of the semantics and syntax of adjectival participles in English. Claims include that Theme arguments of adjectival passives are initially merged as external arguments, that the common claim that all adjectival participles lack implicit Agents is incorrect, that transitive-based and unaccusative-based resultative participles are derived by distinct processes, and that adjectival participles have not only the resultative and stative interpretations usually recognised, but a third 'situation-in-progress' interpretation where participles express in-progress events or states.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001370
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Published in: Artemis Alexiadou and Florian Schäfer, eds., Non-Canonical Passives, Amsterdam: Benjamins
keywords: adjectival participle, semantics, syntax
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