Pathways of phonological change
Ricardo Bermudez-Otero, Graeme Trousdale
March 2011

This piece provides a brief overview of the life cycle of phonological processes, using instances of phonological variation and change in English to illustrate the phenomena of phonologization, stabilization, domain narrowing, morphologization, and lexicalization. A study of the history of English phrasal syllabification shows that an awareness of the life cycle of phonological processes can be essential to solving problems of synchronic and diachronic description. A number of interesting similarities between the life cycle of phonological processes and grammaticalization are highlighted.
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Published in: Expanded version of section 2 of: Bermúdez-Otero, Ricardo & Graeme Trousdale (2012). 'Cycles and continua: on unidirectionality and gradualness in language change'. In Terttu Nevalainen and Elizabeth Closs Traugott (eds), The Oxford handbook of the history of English, 691-720. New York: Oxford University Press.
keywords: analogy, child-driven vs adult-driven change, domain narrowing, gradience, grammaticalization, lenition, lexicalization, life cycle of phonological processes, modular architecture, morphologization, opacity, phonologization, resyllabification, stabilization, unidirectionality, variation, phonology
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