Nanosyntax - A short primer to a new approach to language
Michal Starke
December 2009

Nanosyntax is a novel approach to the architecture of language, designed to make (better) sense of the new empirical picture emerging from recent years of syntactic research. It is a large-scale project, addressing a wide array of issues, ranging from big issues such as the modularity of language, to fine details, such as the derivation of allomorphy in irregular patterns of given languages and its interaction with syntactic structures.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001230
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Published in: Nordlyd 36.1, ed. Peter Svenonius, Gillian Ramchand, Michal Starke, and Knut Tarald Taraldsen, pp. 1– 6. CASTL, Tromsø.
keywords: nanosyntax, syntax
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