Adverbial Quantification and (Un)Reducibility: The 'Quantification at a Distance' Construction in French
Heather Burnett
March 2010

In this paper, I present a compositional semantic analysis of the Quantification at a Distance (QAD) construction in the standard dialect of European French. I argue that quantification in a QAD sentence is done by a binary adverbial quantifier over the verb’s event argument and the direct object argument at the same time. I argue that the modeling of the interpretations assigned to QAD sentences necessarily involves a polyadic quantifier, since such a quantifier is unreducible to any iterations of unary quantifiers. I provide a compositional analysis of the construction based on previous treatments of the indefinites that appear in it as semantically incorporated nominals.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001103
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Published in: Sarah Zobel & Viola Schmitt (eds.) Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 14, University of Vienna
keywords: quantification, polyadic, french, adverbs, semantics, syntax, semantics
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