Haifa Al-Buainain
December 2009

Writing is a productive skill. It is one of the most difficult and therefore frustrating ‘subjects’ to teach particularly in an ESL/EFL programme. This paper is an outcome of teachers’ concerns and efforts to identify areas of difficulty in the writing skill among EFL students and to work out remedial procedures to help them overcome their weaknesses. The study examines 40 exam scripts of first year university students majoring in English. Two topics were given to the students whom were asked to write freely and to express their positive and negative points of view about certain topics. The students’ errors were grouped and analysed. The study concludes with pedagogical recommendations.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001050
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Published in: Journal of Faculty of Education. University of Alexandria. Volume: 19, Part: 1, (pp. 311-351). (2009) Egypt
keywords: learners’ writing errors: suggestions for teaching, morphology, syntax
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