Affix/Word Variation of Syntactically Parallel Structures and Distributed Morphology
Franc Lanko Marušič, Rok Zaucer
June 2008

Crosslinguistic as well as intralinguistic comparisons of pairs of constructions often reveal a specific type of variation in form, namely pairs of expressions that seem to yield the same interpretation even though they differ in their forms. In other words, judging by one member of such pairs, the interpretation of the other member does not seem to be computed in parallel with its syntactic derivation. In this paper, we look at some of these cases and propose to derive this variation using the theory of nonsimultaneous spell-out (Maru¹iè 2005).
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Reference: lingbuzz/000925
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Published in: In Young-Sun Kim (ed.) Minimalist Explorations of the Syntax-Lexicon Interface. Seoul: Hankuk Publishing Co. pp. 263-282.
keywords: phases inside words, distributed morphology, morphology, syntax
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