Disjunctive Lexical Stratification
Peter Jurgec
March 2009

In many languages, loanwords allow patterns that are absent in the native phonology. The opposite pattern, in which loanwords only allow a subset of the structures attested in native words, is cross-linguistically rare but attested. This paper presents the third type of language, in which the sets of native and foreign phonotactic patterns are disjunctive. In Slovenian, there is no overlap between the sets of front vowels appearing before tautosyllabic [r] in native words and in loanwords. Disjunctive distributions are directly relevant to the theory of lexical indexation since they require indexed markedness constraints in addition to indexed faithfulness constraints.
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Reference: lingbuzz/000851
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Published in: Linguistic Inquiry 41:1 (2010), 149–161
keywords: exceptions, loanwords, indexed constraints, atr, slovenian, phonology
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