Circumstantial evidence for syntactic head movement
Bartosz Wiland
July 2008

Recently, a number of analyses have advanced a thesis that syntactic heads are immobile and that head movement does not exist in grammar. Such approaches take dislocation of the head X to be an instance of a remnant movement of the XP-constituent, preceded by vacating movements of other subconstituents of the XP. Detrimental to the claim that head movement does not exist is a scenario in which a dislocation of X0 is followed by a remnant movement of the XP-constituent. This paper argues that such a derivational scenario is attested in Polish, where V-movement precedes the fronting of the headless VP. Such an analysis explains the interaction between scrambling and repetitive vs. restitutive reading of again in a straightforward way.
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Reference: lingbuzz/000804
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Published in: Proceedings of WCCFL 27 (2008), pp. 440-448
keywords: repetitive and restitutive reading of 'again', head movement, scrambling, polish, syntax, semantics
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