Gestures as expletives, Multichannel Syntax
Melanie Jouitteau
July 2004

Atlantic French allows preverbal subject-drop if and only if the speaker realizes an ostencible physical gesture before the inflected verb is pronounced. This is a case, in an oral language, of an extension of PF toward the material used in signed languages. In this short paper, I present the paradigm and analyse this preverbal obligatory gesture as an expletive preverbal C head preventing verb-first orders. Provided that liaison resists to subject-drop and bans the gesture insertion expletive strategy, I point that expletive insertion occurs at the syntax/phonology interface.
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Reference: lingbuzz/000682
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Published in: WCCFL proceedings 2004
keywords: gestures, sign language, french, expletive, pronoun, subject, agreement, c, atlantic french, gestuality, phonology, syntax
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