Cultural Constraints on Grammar in PIRAHÃ: A Reply to Nevins, Pesetsky, and Rodrigues (2007)
Daniel Everett
March 2007

In Everett (2005b) I argued that Pirahã culture constrains its grammar. This paper is a response to a recent critique of Everett (2005b) by Nevins et al. (2007, MS). I address the criticisms raised in Nevins et al. paper and I continue to argue that Pirahã presents problems for the notion of a Universal Grammar. I further argue that the methods traditionally used in the Generative Grammar tradition are flawed and do not meet the scientific standards accepted across different fields in science, thereby making it difficult to assess the validity of the claims made by Nevins et al.
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Published in: Unpublished
keywords: recursion, piraha, universal grammar, colors, quantifiers, culture, syntax, semantics
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