Syntactically Driven Cyclicity vs. Output-Output Correspondence: The Case of Adjunction in Diminutive Morphology
Asaf Bachrach, Michael Wagner
January 2007

This paper presents a unified analysis of two puzzles regarding diminutive formation in Brazilian Portuguese (BP). We claim that the quasi-complementary distribution of the two forms of the diminutive, as well as a number of phonological and morphological differences between diminutive suffixation and the canonical suffixation pattern are due to their syntactic structure. The syntactic account ties together the phonological, morphological and semantic facts and explains the observed overapplication effects without trans-derivational constraints.
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Reference: lingbuzz/000383
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Published in: Ms. MIT/Cornell University
keywords: cyclicity, opacity, adjunction, scope, paradigms, diminutive, output-output correspondence, syntax, phonology, morphology
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