The Acquisition of Differential Object Marking in Spanish
Miguel Rodriguez-Mondonedo
October 2006

In this paper, I show that a constraint-based approach to Differential Object Marking (DOM), such as the OT system proposed by Aissen 2003, leads to the conclusion that the child will entertain a number of grammars different from the target grammar, before acquiring the final ranking of constraints, even under the learnability assumptions of the OT framework (such as those made by Tesar and Smolensky 1998, 2000). The data examined here, from Spanish-speaking children in the CHILDES database, do not fulfill this expectation. Children clearly master Spanish DOM with a performance virtually errorless. I also show that the process of DOM acquisition under the OT framework cannot be entirely data-driven, but some special assumptions are needed to account for the acquisition.
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keywords: case, agreement, acquisition, differential object marking, dom, spanish, specificity, animacy, syntax
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