Antigemination, assimilation, and the determination of identity
Eric Bakovic
September 2005

Avoidance of adjacent consonants that are 'sufficiently identical' -- that is, identical except for possible differences in a small subset of specific features -- is argued to result from joint satisfaction of a constraint against geminates (identical adjacent consonants) and other active constraints that independently require assimilation with respect to those features ignored in the determination of identity. At the heart of the proposal is the crucial dependence of antigemination on independent assimilation processes, a prediction that is independently verified in case studies from English and Lithuanian. The factorial typology of constraints at the core of the proposal is demonstrated to closely fit a significant range of observed cases.
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Reference: lingbuzz/000197
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Published in: Phonology 22.3, pp. 279-315.
keywords: antigemination, assimilation, identity, similarity, english, lithuanian, optimality theory, factorial typology, phonology
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