Review of Toivonen's (2003, Kluwer) Non-projecting Words
Peter Svenonius
September 2005

This is a review of Ida Toivonen's (2003, Kluwer) book Non-projecting Words, a Case Study of Swedish Particles. Toivonen's book clearly outlines the major properties of Swedish particle-verb constructions and provides an original analysis of them based in the LFG framework. Her analysis suggests that the possibility of projection of X P-structure is a lexical property, and that particles are words which are lexically specified as non-projecting. The specifics of her analysis lead her to conclude that Swedish verb-particle constructions are importantly different from English ones. In my review, I question this conclusion, suggesting that the differences between Swed ish and English are not so deep as to suggest that a unified analysis cannot be found. I also briefly examine the notion of projection as a lexical property, and sugges t that it might profitably be thought of in terms of the presence of functional structure dominating lexical material.
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Published in: 2008 in Language 84.3:666-670
keywords: swedish, particle verbs, verb-particles, projection, x-bar, lfg, syntax
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