Division of Labor between Merge and Move: Strict Locality of Selection and Apparent Reconstruction Paradoxes
Dominique Sportiche
March 2005

This article is concerned with probing the properties of Merge and formulating a general proposal regarding how Merge functions. The main proposal (selection is strictly local and requires sisterhod is the standard idea thought to be governing merging essentially since Chomsky (1965) but its consequences lead to unfamiliar consequences regarding the form of syntactic structures. Since Merge and Move complement each other to contribute to such form, the conception of Move will also be somewhat modified. This question is not be addressed directly but rather through the properties of reconstruction, i.e. through an examination of the interaction between movement dependencies (more specifically A-movement dependencies) and interpretation with respect to (i) Predicate Argument Structure, (ii) the computation of binding dependencies and (iii) the computation of relative scope.
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keywords: reconstruction, syntax
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