The Typology of Structural Deficiency
Anna Cardinaletti, Michal Starke
October 1994

We argue that there is an intermediate class of pronouns, less deficient than clitics but more deficient than strong pronouns. These intermediate pronouns, 'weak pronouns', are XPs but cannot be modified, coordinated, etc. on a par with clitics. In the first part of the article we survey the evidence showing the need for a tripartition, and in the second part we offer a theory of the tripartition in which 'deficiency' is a progressive peeling away of structural layers, from the top of the representation. Weak pronouns are thus noun phrases with the top layer peeled off, and clitics are still more deprived. It is shown that this approach correctly handles the cross-modular facts about clitics, and elegantly integrates clitics (and weak pronouns) with the rest of our knowledge about phrase-structure.
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keywords: principles and parameters, clitics, syntax, pronouns
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