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Fong, Suzana
new [pdf]Proper movement through Spec-CP: an argument from hyperraising in Mongolian
Schneider-Zioga, Patricia
new [pdf]Anti-Agreement and the Fine Structure of the Left Periphery
Schneider-Zioga, Patricia
new [pdf]Anti-Agreement, antilocality & minimality: The syntax of dislocated subjects
Glass, Lelia
new [pdf]Using lexical semantics to predict the distributivity potential of Verb Phrases in a large dataset
Anttila, Arto
Dozat, Timothy
Galbraith, Daniel
Shapiro, Naomi
new [pdf]Sentence stress in presidential speeches
Hein, Johannes
Murphy, Andrew
new [pdf]VP Nominalization and the Final-over-Final Condition
Amaechi, Mary
Georgi, Doreen
new [pdf]Quirks of subject (non-)extraction in Igbo
Dubossarsky, Haim
Grossman, Eitan
Weinshall, Daphna
new [pdf]Coming to Your Senses: on Controls and Evaluation Sets in Polysemy Research
Chemla, Emmanuel
Dautriche, Isabelle
Buccola, Brian
Fagot, Joel
freshly changed [pdf]Constraints on the lexicons of human languages have cognitive roots present in baboons (Papio papio)
Bassel, Noa
freshly changed [pdf]Anaphors in Space
Pearl, Lisa
Sprouse, Jon
freshly changed [pdf]Comparing solutions to the linking problem using an integrated quantitative framework of language acquisition
Begus, Gasper
2018-11 [pdf]Post-Nasal Devoicing and a Probabilistic Model of Phonological Typology
Begus, Gasper
2018-11 [pdf]Bootstrapping Sound Changes
Shih, Stephanie
Zuraw, Kie
2018-11 [pdf]The nature of the phonology-syntax interface, from variable adjective and noun word order in Tagalog
Hao, Yiding
2018-11 [pdf]Learnability and Overgeneration in Computational Syntax
Kucerova, Ivona
2018-11 [pdf]What’s in a phase label: Toward a formal theory of syntax features at the syntax-semantics interface
Yuan, Michelle
2018-11 [pdf]Dimensions of Ergativity in Inuit: Theory and Microvariation
Kucerova, Ivona
2018-11 [pdf]Anaphors and pronouns at the syntax-semantics interface
Kucerova, Ivona
2018-11 [pdf]On the role of person in the mapping of syntactic features onto their interpretable counterparts
Pankau, Andreas
2018-10 [pdf]Pseudo wh-copying as wh-slifting
Aguilar-Guevara, Ana
Loyo, Julia
Vázquez-Rojas Maldonado, Violeta
Schwarz, Florian
Cisneros, Carlos
Šereikaitė, Milena
Irani, Ava
Pico, Maurice
Bruyn, Bert
Hall, David
Despić, Miloje
Borik, Olga
Espinal, Teresa
Williams, Adina
de Sá, Thaís
Carlson, Gregory
Cunha Lima, Maria Luiza
Tanenhaus, Michael
Coppock, Elizabeth
Strand, Linnea
Etxeberria, Urtzi
Giannakidou, Anastasia
2018-10 [pdf]Definiteness across languages
Keine, Stefan
Poole, Ethan
2018-10 [pdf]Not all reconstruction effects are syntactic
Law, Jess
2018-10 [pdf]Binominal each and association with the structure of distributivity
Forbes, Clarissa
2018-10 [pdf]Persistent ergativity: Agreement and splits in Tsimshianic
Buccola, Brian
Dautriche, Isabelle
Chemla, Emmanuel
2018-10 [pdf]Competition and symmetry in an artificial word learning task
Abenina-Adar, Maayan
2018-10 [pdf]Whether-questions and ever-free relatives
Al-Khalaf, Eman
2018-10 [pdf]Floating Quantifiers are Autonomous Phrases: A Movement Account
Gyarmathy, Zsofia
Altshuler, Daniel
2018-10 [pdf](Non)culmination by abduction
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Collins, Chris
Terzi, Arhonto
2018-10 [pdf]Passive By-Phrases in Greek and English: Adjuncts or Arguments?
Foley, Steven
Toosarvandani, Maziar
2018-10 [pdf]Pronoun movement and probe generosity

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