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Abels, Klaus
new [pdf]The swamp construction
Abels, Klaus
freshly changed [pdf]On “Sluicing” with apparent massive pied-piping
Tse, Keith
new [pdf]Latin/Romance prepositions: microparametric convergence and divergence
Royer, Justin
new [pdf]Headless relative clauses in Chuj
Pons-Moll, Clàudia
new [pdf]The limits of the free ride in morphophonemic learning. Evidence from Catalan
Pons-Moll, Clàudia
Torres-Tamarit, Francesc
new [pdf]Catalan nativization patterns in the light of Weighted Scalar Constraints
Murphy, Elliot
Benitez-Burraco, Antonio
new [pdf]Paleo-oscillomics: inferring aspects of Neanderthal language abilities from gene regulation of neural oscillations
Stegovec, Adrian
freshly changed [pdf]Obvia et Impera! A case for ‘perspectival control’ in directive clauses
Collins, Chris
new [pdf]The Theta-Criterion, UTAH and the Projection of External Arguments in the Passive
Schneider-Zioga, Patricia
new [pdf]Non-verbal predication in Bantu
Tilsen, Sam
new [pdf]Space and time in models of speech rhythm
Haspelmath, Martin
new [pdf]Explaining grammatical coding asymmetries: Form-frequency correspondences and predictability
Biskup, Petr
freshly changed [pdf]Prepositions and Verbal Prefixes: The Case of Slavic
Akita, Kimi
Dingemanse, Mark
2018-12 [pdf]Ideophones (Mimetics, Expressives)
Zymet, Jesse
2018-12 [pdf]Lexical propensities in phonology: corpus and experimental evidence, grammar, and learning
Castroviejo, Elena
Oltra-Massuet, Isabel
2018-12 [pdf]Generic and action-dependent abilities in Spanish 'Be capable'
Ershova, Ksenia
2018-12 [pdf]Two paths to polysynthesis: The view from West Circassian nominalizations
Thompson, Arthur
2018-12 [pdf]Prosodic Systematicity Meets Language Development: Skewed Tonal Inventories in Non-Arbitrary Language
Pilszczikowa-Chodak, Nina
2018-12 [pdf]On the Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Dissyllabic Base Words in Contemporary Hawaiian
Broekhuis, Hans
2018-12 [pdf]Asymmetrical coordination. Syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-12 [pdf]Teaching phonetics through sound symbolism
Akkus, Faruk
2018-12 [pdf]Variable embedded agent in Sason Arabic
Angelopoulos, Nikos
2018-12 [pdf]Reconstructing Clitic Doubling
Bernard, Timothée
Champollion, Lucas
2018-11 [pdf]Negative events in compositional semantics
Samek-Lodovici, Vieri
2018-11 [pdf]Contrast, Contrastive Focus, and Focus Fronting
Muñoz Pérez, Carlos
2018-11 [pdf]What is in a trace? Accounting for reconstruction patterns in parasitic gaps
Arsenijevic, Boban
Willer Gold, Jana
Aljović, Nadira
Čordalija, Nermina
Krešić Vukosav, Marijana
Leko, Nedzad
Malenica, Frane
Marušič, Franc
Milićev, Tanja
Milicevic, Natasa
Mišmaš, Petra
Mitić, Ivana
Peti-Stantic, Anita
Stankovic, Branimir
Tusek, Jelena
Nevins, Andrew
2018-11 [pdf]Elided Clausal Conjunction is not the Only Source of Closest Conjunct Agreement: A Picture Matching Study
Knobe, Joshua
Mandelkern, Matthew
Dieball, Alexander
Kirkpatrick, James
2018-11 [pdf]'You do it like this!' Impersonal pronouns and default reasoning
Collins, James N.
2018-11 [pdf]Definiteness determined by syntax: A case study in Tagalog
Diercks, Michael
Carstens, Vicki
2018-11 [pdf]Bantu Syntax

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