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van Urk, Coppe
2017-09 [pdf]Object licensing in Fijian and the role of adjacency
Landau, Idan
2017-09 [pdf]Non-Obligatory Control with Communication Verbs: New Evidence and Implications
Carstens, Vicki
2017-09 [pdf]Concord and labeling
Kriz, Manuel
2017-09 [pdf]Bare Plurals, Multiplicity, and Homogeneity    [semanticsArchive]
Morley, Rebecca
2017-09 [pdf]Is Phonological Consonant Epenthesis Possible? A Series of Artificial Grammar Learning Experiments
Sakamoto, Yuta
2017-09 [pdf]Overtly Empty but Covertly Complex
Chen, Sherry Yong
2017-09 [pdf]Processing Tenses for the Living and the Dead: A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Lifetime Effects in Tensed and “Tenseless” Languages [Thesis]
Roelofsen, Floris
2017-09 [pdf]The semantics of declarative and interrogative lists    [semanticsArchive]
Collins, Chris
2017-09 [pdf]Negating Gradable Adjectives
Justine, Sikuku
Diercks, Michael
Marlo, Michael
2017-09 [pdf]Pragmatic Effects of Clitic Doubling: Two Kinds of Object Markers in Lubukusu
Coon, Jessica
Keine, Stefan
Wagner, Michael
2017-09 [pdf]Hierarchy effects in copular constructions: The PCC corner of German
Poole, Ethan
2017-09 [pdf]Movement and the semantic type of traces [PhD thesis]
Zompi', Stanislao
2017-09 [pdf]Case decomposition meets dependent-case theories
Begus, Gasper
2017-09 [pdf]Post-Nasal Devoicing and a Probabilistic Model of Phonological Typology
Collins, Chris
2017-09 [pdf]A Scope Freezing Effect with Negated Quantifiers
Zhang, Linmin
2017-09 [pdf]Sufficiency and excess: The semantics of enough and too    [semanticsArchive]
Mercedes, Pujalte
Saab, Andrés
2017-09 [pdf]Interacciones en el filo oracional medio: Doblado de clíticos y movimiento-A
Schlenker, Philippe
Chemla, Emmanuel
2017-09 [pdf]Gestural Agreement
Stateva, Penka
Stepanov, Arthur
2017-09 [pdf]Two "many"-words in Slovenian: Experimental evidence for pragmatic strengthening    [semanticsArchive]
Henderson, Robert
2017-09 [pdf]The roots of measurement    [semanticsArchive]
Bruno, Chris
2017-08 [pdf]Contrastive negation and the theory of alternatives
Zhang, Niina
2017-08 [pdf]Non-Canonical Objects as Event Kind-Classifying Elements
Takita, Kensuke
2017-08 [pdf]Antecedent-Contained Clausal Argument Ellipsis
Yoshimoto, Keisuke
2017-08 [pdf]On Conditions for the Duplication of the Japanese Politeness Marker -Mas-
Safir, Ken
2017-08 [pdf]The A-/A'-distinction as an epiphenomenon
Dabouis, Quentin
2017-08 [pdf]When Accent Preservation Leads to Clash
Pfau, Roland
Salzmann, Martin
Steinbach, Markus
2017-08 [pdf]Sign language agreement. Common ingredients, but unusual recipe
Cable, Seth
2017-08 [pdf]The Good, the 'Not Good', and the 'Not Pretty': Negation in the Negative Predicates of Tlingit
Kubota, Yusuke
Levine, Bob
2017-08 [pdf]Ellipsis and syntactic information
Cable, Seth
2017-08 [pdf]The Good, the 'Not Good', and the 'Not Pretty': Negation in the Negative Predicates of Tlingit    [semanticsArchive]
Collins, Chris
2017-08 [pdf]Outer Negation of Universal Quantifier Phrases
Zdziebko, Slawomir
2017-08 [pdf]Polish vowel backing: a feature geometric approach
Volenec, Veno
Reiss, Charles
2017-08 [pdf]Cognitive Phonetics: The Transduction of Distinctive Features at the Phonology-Phonetics Interface
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-08 [pdf]Gestural Cosuppositions within the Transparency Theory [Squib]
Ulfsbjorninn, Shanti
2017-08 [pdf]Bogus Clusters and Lenition in Tuscan Italian: Implications for the theory of sonority
Moulton, Keir
Shimoyama, Junko
2017-08 [pdf]On the Inverse Trace Conversion and maximal informativeness analysis of Japanese internally-headed relative clauses: A reply to Erlewine and Gould 2016
Kumagai, Gakuji
Kawahara, Shigeto
2017-08 [pdf]Stochastic phonological knowledge and word formation in Japanese
Adebayo, Taofeeq
2017-08 [pdf]Yorùbá Sentential Negative Markers
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2017-08 [pdf]The Split T Analysis
Adebayo, Taofeeq
2017-08 [pdf]Yorùbá COPY Negative Polarity Items
Sailor, Craig
2017-08 [pdf]Negative inversion without negation: On 'fuck'-inversion in British English
Chomsky, Noam
Gallego, Ángel J.
Ott, Dennis
2017-08 [pdf]Generative Grammar and the Faculty of Language: Insights, Questions, and Challenges
Austin, Patrik
2017-08 [docx]Human Languages Are Constructed Languages
Storme, Benjamin
2017-08 [pdf]The adaptation of French liquids in Haitian: A test of the perceptual hypothesis
Chen, Fulang
2017-08 [pdf]The syntax of nominal phrases and the morphology of nominal compounds in Mandarin (Chinese): A comparative study
Collins, James N.
2017-08 [pdf]Definiteness determined by syntax: A case study in Tagalog
McFadden, Thomas
2017-08 [pdf]The morphosyntax of allocutive agreement in Tamil
Deal, Amy Rose
2017-08 [pdf]Raising to ergative: remarks on applicatives of unaccusatives
Marti, Luisa
2017-08 [pdf]Numerals and the theory of number
Vasiltsov, Kirill
2017-08 [pdf]The Liar paradox and ungrammaticality
Vasiltsov, Kirill
2017-08 [pdf]Labeling in narrow syntax and sensory perception: reasons and consequences
Henderson, Robert
Mccready, Eric
2017-08 [pdf]Dogwhistles and the at-issuenon-at-issue distinction    [semanticsArchive]
Marti, Luisa
2017-08 [pdf]Zero N: number features and ⊥
Kawahara, Shigeto
Lee, Seung Hun
2017-08 [pdf]Truncation in Message-Oriented Phonology: A case study using Korean vocative truncation
Pietraszko, Asia
2017-08 [pdf]Inflectional Dependencies: a study of complex verbal expressions in Ndebele
Weir, Andrew
2017-08 [pdf]Reduced unconditionals
Stanton, Juliet
2017-08 [pdf]Environmental shielding is contrast preservation
Grimstad, Maren Berg
Riksem, Brita Ramsevik
Lohndal, Terje
Aafarli, Tor Anders
2017-08 [pdf]Lexicalist vs. exoskeletal approaches to language mixing
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-08 [pdf]Locative Shift
Härtl, Holden
Seeliger, Heiko
2017-08 [pdf]Is a so-called "beach" a beach? An empirically based analysis of secondary content induced by ironic name use
Bobaljik, Jonathan
Sauerland, Uli
2017-08 [pdf]*ABA and The Combinatorics of Morphological Features
Kush, Dave
Lohndal, Terje
Sprouse, Jon
2017-08 [pdf]Investigating Variation in Island Effects: A Case Study of Norwegian Wh-Extraction
Sportiche, Dominique
2017-08 [pdf](Im)possible Intensionality (or why Deep Double Objects underlie all Alternations)
Kastner, Itamar
Zu, Vera
2017-08 [pdf]Blocking and Paradigm Gaps
Doliana, Aaron
Sundaresan, Sandhya
2017-08 [pdf]Proxy control: extending the typology of control in grammar
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2017-08 [pdf]Topicality in Icelandic: Null arguments and Narrative Inversion
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2017-08 [pdf]Stylistic Fronting in corpora
Mondal, Prakash
2017-08 [pdf]The Preliminary Material of 'Natural Language and Possible Minds: How Language Uncovers the Cognitive Landscape of Nature'
Imanishi, Yusuke
2017-08 [pdf]The clause-mate condition on resumption: Evidence from Kaqchikel
Kotek, Hadas
Barros, Matthew
2017-08 [pdf]Multiple Sluicing, Scope, and Superiority: Consequences for Ellipsis Identity
Longenbaugh, Nicholas
2017-08 [pdf]Composite A/A'-movement: Evidence from English tough-movement
Simons, Mandy
2017-08 [pdf]Convention, Intention and the Conversational Record: A reply to Lepore and Stone 2015    [semanticsArchive]
Weisser, Philipp
2017-08 [pdf]On the Symmetry of Case in Conjunction
Breheny, Richard
Klinedinst, Nathan
Romoli, Jacopo
Sudo, Yasutada
2017-08 [pdf]The symmetry problem: current theories and prospects    [semanticsArchive]
Schütze, Carson T.
2017-07 [pdf]Against some approaches to long-distance agreement without AGREE
Korsah, Sampson
2017-07 [pdf]Issues in Kwa syntax: Pronouns and clausal determiners [PhD thesis]
Baier, Nico
Yuan, Michelle
2017-07 [pdf]Anti-agreement with Bound Variables
Sigurðsson, Einar
2017-07 [pdf]Deriving case, agreement and Voice phenomena in syntax
Höhn, Georg
2017-07 [pdf]Non-possessive person in the nominal domain
Buccola, Brian
Haida, Andreas
2017-07 [pdf]Obligatory irrelevance and the computation of ignorance inferences
Kilbourn-Ceron, Oriana
2017-07 [pdf]Speech production planning affects variation in external sandhi [PhD Thesis]
Xiang, Yimei
2017-07 [pdf]Alternations of logical functions: Mandarin particle dou as a pre-exhaustification exhaustifier
Collins, Chris
Postal, Paul
2017-07 [pdf]Disentangling Two Distinct Notions of NEG Raising
Collins, Chris
2017-07 [pdf]Quantifier Domain Restriction as Ellipsis
Nevins, Andrew
2017-07 [pdf]Copying and Resolution in South Slavic and South Bantu Conjunct Agreement
Ojea, Ana
2017-07 [pdf]Core intentional features in the syntactic computation: deriving the position of the subject in Spanish
Abels, Klaus
Dayal, Veneeta
2017-07 [pdf]On the syntax of multiple sluicing and what it tells us about wh scope taking
Abels, Klaus
2017-07 [pdf]On “Sluicing” with apparent massive pied-piping
D'Alessandro, Roberta
2017-07 [pdf]Agreement stacking and topic oriented agreement: how to agree with adverbs, gerunds and prepositions
Longenbaugh, Nicholas
2017-07 [pdf]Agreement mismatch in partitive relatives
Leivada, Evelina
Papadopoulou, Elena
Pavlou, Natalia
2017-07 [pdf]Functionally Equivalent Variants in a Non-standard Variety and Their Implications for Universal Grammar: A Spontaneous Speech Corpus
Kobayashi, Ryoichiro
2017-07 [pdf]On Some Symmetric Constituents in Japanese
Kobayashi, Ryoichiro
2017-07 [pdf]Parametrizing the Timing of Transfer in Japanese and English and its Consequences
Begus, Gasper
2017-07 [pdf]A Formal Model of Phonological Typology
Erlewine, Michael
2017-07 [pdf]Two disjunctions in Mandarin Chinese
Sakamoto, Yuta
2017-07 [pdf]Escape from Silent Syntax
Andrews, Avery
2017-07 [pdf]Prenominal Possessives in English: What does the Stimulus Look Like?
Francesco Ursini, Francesco-Alessio
2017-07 [pdf]On the syntax and semantics of Italian spatial Ps
Coon, Jessica
2017-07 [pdf]Building verbs in Chuj: Consequences for the nature of roots
Samek-Lodovici, Vieri
2017-07 [pdf]Prosody-Driven Scrambling in Italian

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