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Leivada, Evelina
2018-01 [pdf]What’s in (a) Label? Neural Origins and Behavioral Manifestations of Identity Avoidance in Language and Cognition
Begus, Gasper
2018-01 [pdf]A Formal Model of Phonological Typology
Rooryck, Johan
2018-01 [pdf]Reconsidering inalienable possession in French
Muñoz Pérez, Carlos
2017-12 [pdf]Recognizing copies: On the definition of Non-Distinctiveness
Maeda, Masako
2017-12 [pdf]Argument Ellipsis and Scope Economy
Milacic, Dejan
2017-12 [pdf]On the limits of number features: The case for a non-featural dual
Douglas, Jamie
2017-12 [pdf]Control into infinitival relatives
Broohm, Obed Nii
2017-12 [pdf]Noun Classification in Esahie
Mendivil-Giro, Jose-Luis
2017-12 [pdf]An interview on linguistic variation with... José-Luis Mendívil-Giró
Bar-Asher Siegal, Elitzur
De Clercq, Karen
2017-12 [pdf]From negative cleft to external negator: Eastern Aramaic lāw and Sicilian (Mussomeli) neca
Puskar, Zorica
2017-12 [pdf]Hybrid agreement: Modelling variation, hierarchy effects and phi-feature mismatches
Szabolcsi, Anna
2017-12 [pdf]Additive presuppositions are derived through activating focus alternatives    [semanticsArchive]
Caha, Pavel
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2017-12 [pdf]The Fine Structure of the Comparative
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2017-12 [pdf]Negation and the Functional Sequence
De Clercq, Karen
Haegeman, Liliane
2017-12 [pdf]The typology of V2 and the distribution of pleonastic DIE in the Ghent dialect
Kambon, Obadele
Dzahene-Quarshie, Josephine
2017-12 [pdf]Twiswahili or Kiswatwili: A Study of Parallel Proverbs in Akan (Twi) and Kiswahili
Li, Haoze
2017-12 [pdf]Semantics of metalinguistic focus
Kambon, Obadele
Duah, Reginald
2017-12 [pdf]Non-African Linguists Be Like, "This is a new way to quote!"
Boylan, David
Schultheis, Ginger
2017-12 [pdf]Counterfactual Semantics and Strengthening Principles    [semanticsArchive]
Yuan, Michelle
2017-12 [pdf]Dependent case and clitic dissimilation in Yimas
Smith, Larry
2017-12 [pdf]Cognitax Tool Grammar: Re-factoring the Generative Program; A pervasive action dimension for linguistic description, theory and models
Coon, Jessica
2017-12 [pdf]Building verbs in Chuj: Consequences for the nature of roots
Szabolcsi, Anna
2017-12 [pdf]Additive Presuppositions Are Derived Through Activating Focus Alternatives
Loutfi, Ayoub
2017-12 [pdf]Morphological Causatives in Moroccan Arabic
Oda, Kenji
2017-12 [pdf]Syntax of Proper Names in Japanese
Pearl, Lisa
2017-12 [pdf]Modeling syntactic acquisition
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-12 [pdf]Iconic Pragmatics
Hara, Yurie
2017-12 [file]Darou ka#8593: The interplay of deictic modality, sentence type and prosody    [semanticsArchive]
Beavers, John
Koontz-Garboden, Andrew
2017-12 [pdf]Result verbs, scalar change, and the typology of motion verbs
Goodhue, Daniel
2017-12 [pdf]On the felicity conditions of epistemic modals
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2017-12 [pdf]Who are we – and who is I? About Person and SELF
Erlewine, Michael
2017-12 [pdf]Even doesn't move but associates into traces: A reply to Nakanishi 2012
Weir, Andrew
2017-12 [pdf]Away you to bed: Postverbal imperative subjects from Scotland to Belfast
Erlewine, Michael
2017-12 [pdf]Extraction and licensing in Toba Batak
Biskup, Petr
2017-12 [pdf]Decomposing Prepositional Cases in Russian and Polish
Erlewine, Michael
2017-12 [pdf]Even doesn't move but associates into traces: A reply to Nakanishi 2012    [semanticsArchive]
Starke, Michal
2017-12 [pdf]Resolving (DAT = ACC) ≠ GEN
Harbour, Daniel
2017-12 [pdf]Frankenduals: Their typology, structure, and significance
Van Oostendorp, Marc
2017-12 [pdf]Germanic syllable structure
Aguilar-Guevara, Ana
2017-12 [pdf]Literal and enriched meaning of sentences with weak definites and bare singulars    [semanticsArchive]
Maier, Emar
2017-12 [pdf]The pragmatics of attraction: Explaining unquotation in direct and free indirect discourse
Van Oostendorp, Marc
2017-12 [pdf]Language contact and constructed languages
Bloem, Jelke
Versloot, Arjen
Weerman, Fred
2017-12 [pdf]Learned borrowing or contact-induced change: Verb cluster word order in Early-Modern Frisian
Swenson, Amanda
2017-12 [pdf]The morphosemantics and the morphosyntax of the Malayalam verb
Ciardelli, Ivano
Zhang, Linmin
Champollion, Lucas
2017-12 [pdf]Two switches in the theory of counterfactuals: A study of truth conditionality and minimal change
Mandelkern, Matthew
Romoli, Jacopo
2017-12 [pdf]Hurford's conditionals    [semanticsArchive]
Wu, Danfeng
2017-12 [pdf]Ellipsis as a diagnostic of movements in expletive there and it sentences
Puskar, Zorica
2017-12 [pdf]Interactions of gender and number agreement: Evidence from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Gaertner, Hans-Martin
Gyuris, Beata
2017-12 [pdf]On Delimiting the Space of Bias Profiles for Polar Interrogatives
Gaertner, Hans-Martin
Gyuris, Beata
2017-12 [pdf]On Delimiting the Space of Bias Profiles for Polar Interrogatives    [semanticsArchive]
Selvanathan, Nagarajan
2017-12 [pdf]Subject Theta Roles and Tamil Tough Movement
Sato, Yosuke
Maeda, Masako
2017-12 [pdf]Syntactic Head Movement in Japanese: Evidence from Verb-Echo Answers and Negative Scope Reversal
Broekhuis, Hans
2017-12 [pdf]Asymmetrical coordination. Syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
Broekhuis, Hans
2017-12 [pdf]The rise of the periphrastic perfect tense in the continental West-Germanic languages
Korsah, Sampson
Murphy, Andrew
2017-12 [pdf]Tonal reflexes of movement in Asante Twi
Uegaki, Wataru
Sudo, Yasutada
2017-12 [pdf]The anti-rogativity of non-veridical preferential predicates    [semanticsArchive]
Buccola, Brian
Haida, Andreas
2017-12 [pdf]Expressing agent indifference in German
Greenberg, Yael
2017-12 [pdf]But, scalar implicatures and covert quotation operators
Greenberg, Yael
2017-12 [pdf]But, scalar implicatures and covert quotation operators    [semanticsArchive]
Pietraszko, Asia
2017-12 [pdf]Relative clauses and CP nominalization in Ndebele
Trettenbrein, Patrick C.
2017-11 [pdf]50 Years Later: A Conversation about the Biological Study of Language with Noam Chomsky
Zivanovic, Saso
2017-11 [pdf]Branching onsets 2.0 (or I don't believe in magic!)
Tyler, Matthew
2017-12 [pdf]PCC repair in Basque and Choctaw transitive unaccusatives
Brody, Michael
2017 [pdf]Two advantages of precedence syntax
Härtl, Holden
Seeliger, Heiko
2017-11 [pdf]Is a so-called "beach" a beach? An empirically based analysis of secondary content induced by ironic name use
Steinert-Threlkeld, Shane
Szymanik, Jakub
2017-11 [pdf]Learnability and Semantic Universals    [semanticsArchive]
Kumagai, Gakuji
2017-11 [pdf]Testing OCP-labial effect on Japanese rendaku
Bleotu, Adina Camelia
2017-11 [pdf]How wrong is your existential? What ungrammaticality judgments can tell us about Preverbal versus Postverbal Agree
Yuan, Michelle
2017-11 [pdf]Diagnosing object agreement vs. clitic doubling: Evidence from Inuktitut
Bermudez-Otero, Ricardo
2017-11 [pdf]Stratal Phonology
Schmitt, Viola
2017-11 [pdf]Cross-categorial plurality and plural composition    [semanticsArchive]
Al-Khalaf, Eman
2017-11 [pdf]First Conjunct Agreement is an Illusion: Evidence from Arabic
Matchin, William
Rogalsky, Corianne
2017-11 [pdf]Aphasia & Syntax (book chapter)
Dai, Huteng
2017-11 [pdf]Explaining Disyllabic Tone Sandhi in Linchuan
Van Oostendorp, Marc
D'Alessandro, Roberta
2017-11 [pdf]Metaphony as Magnetism
Bleotu, Adina Camelia
2017-11 [pdf]What does ‘a cireși’ ‘to cherry’ mean? Revisiting Kiparsky’s (1997) Canonical Use Principle from an experimental and theoretical standpoint
Merchant, Jason
Pavlou, Natalia
2017-11 [pdf]The morphosyntax of the periphrastic future under negation in Cypriot Greek
Nie, Yining
2017-11 [pdf]Voice morphology and the features of transitivity
Bernard, Timothée
2017-11 [pdf]Negation and distributivity in event semantics - A reply to Schwarzschild and Champollion
Rolle, Nicholas
2017-11 [pdf]In support of an OT-DM model: Evidence from a morphological conspiracy in Degema
Adebayo, Taofeeq
2017-11 [pdf]Genericity in event semantics: A look at Yoruba generic sentences
Solberg, Per Erik
2017-11 [pdf]The Discourse Semantics of Long-Distance Reflexives
Marti, Luisa
2017-11 [pdf]Inclusive plurals and the theory of number
Charnavel, Isabelle
2017-11 [pdf]Apparent Exemption from Condition A: a Perspective-Based Theory
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]The Semantics and Pragmatics of Appositives [Handbook Article]
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-11 [pdf]Plural Reference and Reference to a Plurality. Linguistic Facts and Semantic Analyses (OUP)    [semanticsArchive]
Kawahara, Shigeto
2017-11 [pdf]Sound symbolic patterns in Pokémon move names
Norris, Mark
2017-11 [pdf]Description and analyses of nominal concord (Parts I-II)
M, M
2017-11 [pdf]Decomposing EPP effects in Greek enclisis
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Gesture Projection and Cosuppositions
Cremers, Alexandre
Roelofsen, Floris
Uegaki, Wataru
2017-11 [pdf]Distributive ignorance implications of inquisitive and epistemic attitudes    [semanticsArchive]
Begus, Gasper
2017-11 [pdf]The Origins of the Voice System and Subject-Only Restriction in Austronesian
Kumagai, Gakuji
2017-11 [pdf]A sound-symbolic alternation to express cuteness and the orthographic Lyman’s Law in Japanese
Broekhuis, Hans
2017-11 [pdf]Object movement (object shift and scrambling)
Simik, Radek
2017-11 [pdf]Free relatives
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Indexicals (2010)
Duarte Garcia, Guilherme
2017-11 [pdf]Weight effects on stress: lexicon and grammar (PhD Thesis)
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-11 [pdf]A Plural Reference Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Syntactic Trees    [semanticsArchive]
Carter, Sam
Altshuler, Daniel
2017-11 [pdf]‘Now’ with Subordinate Clauses
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Locative Shift

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