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Fenger, Paula
2018-05 [pdf]It's OK to be alone: The underlying structure of person portmanteaux agreement
Arregi, Karlos
Francez, Itamar
Martinović, Martina
2018-05 [pdf]Specificational subjects are individual concepts
Kohrt, Annika
Sorensen, Trey
Chacón, Dustin
2018-05 [pdf]The real-time status of semantic exceptions to the adjunct island constraint
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-05 [pdf]Gestural Semantics
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-05 [pdf]Indexicals (2010)
Baunaz, Lena
Caha, Pavel
De Clercq, Karen
Fábregas, Antonio
Faltýnková, Michaela
Holaj, Richard
Lander, Eric
Medová, Lucie
Taraldsen, Tarald
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
Wiland, Bartosz
Ziková, Markéta
2018-05 [pdf]The Unpublished Manuscript
Bale, Alan
Schwarz, Bernhard
2018-05 [pdf]Reverse proportionality without context dependent standards
Philippova, Tatiana
2018-04 [pdf]Prepositional Repercussions in Russian: Pronouns, Comparatives and Ellipsis
Charnavel, Isabelle
2018-04 [pdf]Apparent Exemption from Condition A: a Perspective-Based Theory
Haug, Dag
Jøhndal, Marius
Solberg, Per Erik
2018-04 [pdf]An unexpected root clause
Buccola, Brian
Dautriche, Isabelle
Chemla, Emmanuel
2018-04 [pdf]Competition and symmetry in an artificial word learning task
Tanaka, Hideharu
Hayashi, Shintaro
2018-04 [pdf]Pseudogapping in Japanese
Bassi, Itai
Rasin, Ezer
2018-04 [pdf]Equational-intensional relative clauses with syntactic reconstruction
Zhang, Linmin
2018-04 [pdf]Enough, too, and causal dependence
Mandelkern, Matthew
2018-04 [pdf]Import-Export and 'And'
Copley, Bridget
2018-04 [pdf]Force dynamics
Graf, Thomas
2018-04 [pdf]Why movement comes for free once you have adjunction
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-04 [pdf]Gestural Cosuppositions within the Transparency Theory [Squib]
Martinović, Martina
2018-04 [pdf]Interleaving syntax and postsyntax: Spell-out before syntactic movement
Marusic, Franc
Nevins, Andrew
2018-04 [pdf]Distributed Agreement in Participial Sandwiched Configurations
Cheshire, Gerard
2018-04 [pdf]Linguistically Dating and Locating Manuscript MS408
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2018-04 [pdf]Grammatical categories – a distributed anti-lexicalist minimal(ist) view
Cheshire, Gerard
2018-04 [pdf]Linguistic Missing Links.
Moltmann, Friederike
2018-04 [pdf]Truth Predicates, Truth Bearers, and their Variants
Douglas, Jamie
2018-04 [pdf]Māori subject extraction
Kastner, Itamar
2018-04 [pdf]Templatic morphology as an emergent property: Roots and functional heads in Hebrew
Schallert, Oliver
2018-04 [pdf]A note on misplaced or wrongly attached zu ‘to’ in German.
Schallert, Oliver
2018-04 [pdf] Portrait of the clitic as a young affix: Infinitivisches zu im Niemandsland zwischen Morphologie und Syntax.
Schallert, Oliver
Dröge, Alexander
Pheiff, Jeffrey
2018-04 [pdf]Doubly-filled COMPs in Dutch an German. A bottom-up approach
Marti, Luisa
2018-04 [pdf]Inclusive plurals and the theory of number
Postal, Paul
2018-04 [pdf]Seven Discourses on the Ontology of Natural Languages
Saab, Andrés
Ordóñez, Francisco
2018-04 [pdf]El orden de las causativas en Ibero-Romance
Davis, Colin
2018-04 [pdf]The Constraints and Consequences of Possessor Extraction in English
Shaw, Jason
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-04 [pdf]Predictability and Phonology: Past, Present & Future
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-04 [pdf]Acquisition of sound symbolic values of vowels and voiced obstruents by Japanese children: Using a Pokémonastic paradigm
Sato, Yosuke
2018-04 [pdf]Comparative Syntax of Argument Ellipsis in Languages without Agreement
Kawahara, Shigeto
Shaw, Jason
2018-04 [pdf]Persistence of prosody
Broekhuis, Hans
2018-04 [pdf]Asymmetrical coordination. Syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
Mondal, Prakash
2018-04 [pdf]The Preliminary Material of 'Natural Language and Possible Minds: How Language Uncovers the Cognitive Landscape of Nature'
Yatabe, Shuichi
Tam, Wai Lok
2018-04 [pdf]In defense of an HPSG-based theory of non-constituent coordination: A reply to Kubota and Levine
Yang, Charles
2018-04 [pdf]The linguistic origin of the next number
Zdziebko, Slawomir
2018-04 [pdf]Polish vowel backing: a feature geometric approach
Sundaresan, Sandhya
2018-04 [pdf]Distinct featural classes of anaphor in an enriched person system
Charnavel, Isabelle
2018-04 [pdf]Perspectives in Causal Clauses
Kumagai, Gakuji
2018-04 [pdf]A sound-symbolic alternation to express cuteness and the orthographic Lyman’s Law in Japanese
McFadden, Thomas
Sundaresan, Sandhya
2018-04 [pdf]Unifying EPP and comp-trace effects: constraints on silent elements at the edge
McFadden, Thomas
Sundaresan, Sandhya
2018-04 [pdf]Reducing pro and PRO to a single source
Neeleman, Ad
Payne, Amanda
2018-04 [pdf]PP Extraposition and the Order of Adverbials in English
Pfau, Roland
Salzmann, Martin
Steinbach, Markus
2018-04 [pdf]Sign language agreement. Common ingredients, but unusual recipe
Buccola, Brian
Chemla, Emmanuel
2018-04 [pdf]Two notes on the disjunct alternatives of disjunction
Esipova, Maria
2018-04 [pdf]Focus on what's not at issue: Gestures, presuppositions, appositives under contrastive focus
Tse, Keith
2018-03 [pdf]Diachronic formation of Chinese cleft (是-的) constructions: 'lateral' grammaticalization revised
Moltmann, Friederike
2018-03 [pdf]Existence Predicates
Esipova, Maria
2018-03 [pdf]Two types of verb fronting in Russian
Tash, Ahmatjan
Sugar, Alexander
2018-03 [pdf]Resultative constructions in Uyghur as verbal adjunction
Rudinger, Rachel
White, Aaron Steven
Van Durme, Benjamin
2018-03 [pdf]Neural models of factuality
Smith, Peter W.
2018-03 [pdf]Object Agreement and Grammatical Functions: A Re-evaluation
Buccola, Brian
2018-03 [pdf]A restriction on the distribution of exclusive "only"
Mandelkern, Matthew
2018-03 [pdf]Bounded Modality
Deal, Amy Rose
2018-03 [pdf]Indexiphors: Notes on embedded indexicals, shifty agreement, and logophoricity
Kubota, Yusuke
Kubota, Ai
2018-03 [pdf]Using a parsed corpus for linguistic research: A case study on the Coordinate Structure Constraint in Japanese
Elliott, Patrick D.
2018-03 [pdf]Collective predication and ellipsis: another case of ineffability
Newell, Heather
2018-03 [pdf]There are no Bracketing Paradoxes, or How to be a Modular Grammarian
Goodhue, Daniel
2018-03 [pdf]On asking and answering biased polar questions
Elliott, Patrick D.
Nicolae, Andreea
Sauerland, Uli
2018-03 [pdf]Who and what do who and what range over cross-linguistically?
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-03 [pdf]Adjectives and Negation: deriving Contrariety from Contradiction
Issah, Sam
Smith, Peter W.
2018-03 [pdf]Subject and non-subject ex-situ focus in Dagbani
Norris, Mark
2018-03 [pdf]Nominal structure in a language without articles: The case of Estonian
Kotek, Hadas
Erlewine, Michael
2018-03 [pdf]Wh-indeterminates in Chuj (Mayan)
Blanchette, Frances
Nadeu, Marianna
2018-03 [pdf]Prosody and the meanings of English negative indefinites
Sato, Yosuke
Maeda, Masako
2018-03 [pdf]Spelling-Out Inverse Scope in Japanese: Intonation and Scope-Prosody Correspondence
Murphy, Elliot
2018-03 [pdf]Implications of Travelling Weakly Coupled Oscillators for the Cortical Language Circuit
Ingason, Anton
2018-03 [pdf]Icelandic case-marked CP
Tyler, Matthew
Wood, Jim
2018-03 [pdf]Microvariation in the Have Yet To Construction
Esipova, Maria
Champollion, Lucas
2018-03 [html]Introduction to Semantics (full set of materials for undergraduate-level course)
Buccola, Brian
Kriz, Manuel
Chemla, Emmanuel
2018-03 [pdf]Conceptual alternatives
Szabolcsi, Anna
2018-03 [pdf]Two types of quantifier particles: Quantifier-phrase internal vs. heads on the clausal spine
Sato, Yosuke
Maeda, Masako
2018-03 [pdf]Dependent String Deletion in Japanese Gapping
Katz, Jonah
2018-03 [pdf]Grouping in music and language
Simik, Radek
2018-03 [pdf]Ever free relatives crosslinguistically
Schwarz, Martha
Sonderegger, Morgan
Goad, Heather
2018-03 [pdf]Realization and representation of Nepali laryngeal contrasts: Voiced aspirates and laryngeal realism
Kim, Min-Joo
2018-03 [pdf]The 'Imperfective' in Attributive Clauses in Korean as a Window into the Evidential Past and the Metaphysical Future
Svenonius, Peter
2018-03 [pdf]Delimiting the syntactic word
Li, Jixing
Hale, John
2018-03 [pdf]Grammatical Predictors for fMRI Timecourses
Merchant, Jason
2018-03 [pdf]Roots don’t select, categorial heads do: lexical-selection of PPs may vary by category
Glass, Lelia
2018-03 [pdf]Deriving the distributivity potential of adjectives via measurement theory
Murphy, Andrew
2018-03 [pdf]Constraints on multiple specifiers
Pankau, Andreas
2018-03 [pdf]The question particle ENN in Thuringian and its implications for the analysis of wh-drop
Pankau, Andreas
2018-03 [pdf]The Matching Analysis of relative clauses: an argument from antipronominal contexts
Spector, Benjamin
2018-03 [pdf]The pragmatics of plural predication: Homogeneity and Non-Maximality within the Rational Speech Act Model
Landau, Idan
2018-03 [pdf]Missing objects in Hebrew: Argument ellipsis, not VP ellipsis
Pankau, Andreas
2018-03 [pdf]The structure of approximative numerals in German
Moltmann, Friederike
2018-03 [pdf]Clauses as Semantic Predicates. Difficulties for Possible-Worlds Semantics
Tilsen, Sam
2018-03 [pdf]Syntax with oscillators and energy levels
Champollion, Lucas
Bumford, Dylan
Henderson, Robert
2018-03 [pdf]Donkeys under Discussion
Biskup, Petr
2018-03 [pdf]Prepositions and Verbal Prefixes: The Case of Slavic
Pearl, Lisa
Sprouse, Jon
2018-03 [pdf]Comparing solutions to the linking problem using an integrated quantitative framework of language acquisition
Charlow, Simon
2018-03 [pdf]A modular theory of pronouns and binding
Härtl, Holden
2018-03 [pdf]Name-informing and distancing 'sogenannt' ('so-called'): Name mentioning and the lexicon-pragmatics interface
Romoli, Jacopo
Santorio, Jacopo
2018-03 [pdf]Filtering free choice

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