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Van Oostendorp, Marc
new [pdf]Language contact and constructed languages
Bloem, Jelke
Versloot, Arjen
Weerman, Fred
new [pdf]Learned borrowing or contact-induced change: Verb cluster word order in Early-Modern Frisian
Tyler, Matthew
new [pdf]PCC repair in Basque and Choctaw transitive unaccusatives
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Linguistic Missing Links.
Swenson, Amanda
new [pdf]The morphosemantics and the morphosyntax of the Malayalam verb
Ciardelli, Ivano
Zhang, Linmin
Champollion, Lucas
freshly changed [pdf]Two switches in the theory of counterfactuals: A study of truth conditionality and minimal change
Swenson, Amanda
Aravind, Athulya
Marty, Paul
new [pdf]The Expression of Information Structure in Malayalam
Wu, Danfeng
freshly changed [pdf]Ellipsis as a diagnostic of movements in expletive there and it sentences
Danckaert, Lieven
new [pdf]The loss of Latin OV: steps towards an analysis
Puskar, Zorica
freshly changed [pdf]Interactions of gender and number agreement: Evidence from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Gaertner, Hans-Martin
Gyuris, Beata
new [pdf]On Delimiting the Space of Bias Profiles for Polar Interrogatives
Schlenker, Philippe
freshly changed [pdf]Iconic Pragmatics
Selvanathan, Nagarajan
new [pdf]Subject Theta Roles and Tamil Tough Movement
Atlamaz, Ümit
Baker, Mark
new [pdf]On Partial Agreement and Oblique Case
Sato, Yosuke
Maeda, Masako
new [pdf]Syntactic Head Movement in Japanese: Evidence from Verb-Echo Answers and Negative Scope Reversal
Stepanov, Arthur
Mušič, Manca
Stateva, Penka
new [pdf]Asymmetries in sub-extraction out of NP in Slovenian: A magnitude estimation study
Broekhuis, Hans
freshly changed [pdf]Asymmetrical coordination. Syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
Broekhuis, Hans
freshly changed [pdf]The rise of the periphrastic perfect tense in the continental West-Germanic languages
Mandelkern, Matthew
Romoli, Jacopo
2017-12 [pdf]Hurford's conditionals    [semanticsArchive]
Gaertner, Hans-Martin
Gyuris, Beata
2017-12 [pdf]On Delimiting the Space of Bias Profiles for Polar Interrogatives    [semanticsArchive]
Korsah, Sampson
Murphy, Andrew
2017-12 [pdf]Tonal reflexes of movement in Asante Twi
Uegaki, Wataru
Sudo, Yasutada
2017-12 [pdf]The anti-rogativity of non-veridical preferential predicates    [semanticsArchive]
Buccola, Brian
Haida, Andreas
2017-12 [pdf]Expressing agent indifference in German
Greenberg, Yael
2017-12 [pdf]But, scalar implicatures and covert quotation operators
Greenberg, Yael
2017-12 [pdf]But, scalar implicatures and covert quotation operators    [semanticsArchive]
Pietraszko, Asia
2017-12 [pdf]Relative clauses and CP nominalization in Ndebele
Brody, Michael
2017 [pdf]Two advantages of precedence syntax
Sato, Yosuke
Maeda, Masako
2017-11 [pdf]Particle Stranding Ellipsis Involves PF-Ellipsis
Härtl, Holden
Seeliger, Heiko
2017-11 [pdf]Is a so-called "beach" a beach? An empirically based analysis of secondary content induced by ironic name use
Szabolcsi, Anna
2017-11 [pdf]Additive Presuppositions Are Derived Through Activating Focus Alternatives

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