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Pankau, Andreas
2018-03 [pdf]The Matching Analysis of relative clauses: an argument from antipronominal contexts
Spector, Benjamin
2018-03 [pdf]The pragmatics of plural predication: Homogeneity and Non-Maximality within the Rational Speech Act Model
Landau, Idan
2018-03 [pdf]Missing objects in Hebrew: Argument ellipsis, not VP ellipsis
Pankau, Andreas
2018-03 [pdf]The structure of approximative numerals in German
Moltmann, Friederike
2018-03 [pdf]Clauses as Semantic Predicates. Difficulties for Possible-Worlds Semantics
Tilsen, Sam
2018-03 [pdf]Syntax with oscillators and energy levels
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-03 [pdf]Negation and the Functional Sequence
Champollion, Lucas
Bumford, Dylan
Henderson, Robert
2018-03 [pdf]Donkeys under Discussion
Biskup, Petr
2018-03 [pdf]Prepositions and Verbal Prefixes: The Case of Slavic
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-03 [pdf]Strong Pronominals in ASL and LSF (squib)
Pearl, Lisa
Sprouse, Jon
2018-03 [pdf]Comparing solutions to the linking problem using an integrated quantitative framework of language acquisition
Charlow, Simon
2018-03 [pdf]A modular theory of pronouns and binding
Härtl, Holden
2018-03 [pdf]Name-informing and distancing 'sogenannt' ('so-called'): Name mentioning and the lexicon-pragmatics interface
Romoli, Jacopo
Santorio, Jacopo
2018-03 [pdf]Filtering free choice
Lahrouchi, Mohamed
2018-03 [pdf]The left edge of the word in the Berber derivational morphology
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-03 [pdf]Unmerging Analytic Comparatives
Pasternak, Robert
2018-03 [pdf]A lot of hatred and a ton of desire: Intensity in the mereology of mental states
Chen, Sherry Yong
Husband, E. Matthew
2018-03 [pdf]Comprehending anaphoric presuppositions involves memory retrieval "too"
Chen, Sherry Yong
Husband, E. Matthew
2018-03 [pdf]Contradictory (forward) lifetime effects and the non-future tense in Mandarin Chinese
Anvari, Amir
2018-03 [pdf]Logical Integrity: from Maximize Presupposition! to Mismatching Implicatures
Asoulin, Eran
2018-03 [pdf]Functions in the biological realm - The function of language as a case study
Broekhuis, Hans
2018-03 [pdf]The syntax of Dutch gapping
Diercks, Michael
Carstens, Vicki
2018-03 [pdf]Bantu Syntax
Volenec, Veno
Reiss, Charles
2018-02 [pdf]Cognitive Phonetics: The Transduction of Disticntive Feature at the Phonology-Phonetics Interface
Smith, RyanWalter
Kobayashi, Ryoichiro
2018-02 [pdf]Alternating conj/disjunctions: the case of Japanese -toka and -tari
Romoli, Jacopo
Renans , Agata
2018-02 [pdf]Multiplicity and modifiers
Stepanov, Arthur
Stateva, Penka
2018-02 [pdf]Countability, agreement and the loss of the dual in Russian
Thoms, Gary
Walkden, George
2018-02 [pdf]vP-fronting with and without remnant movement
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-02 [pdf]Prolegomena to Music Semantics
Law, Jess
Li, Haoze
Bhadra, Diti
2018-02 [pdf]Questioning Speech Acts
Boskovic, Zeljko
2018-02 [pdf]On The Coordinate Structure Constraint, Across-the-Board-Movement, Phases, and Labeling
Zhang, Linmin
2018-02 [pdf]Enough, too, and causal dependence
Esipova, Maria
2018-02 [pdf]Focus on what's not at issue: Gestures, presuppositions, appositives under contrastive focus
Ormazabal, Javier
Romero, Juan
2018-02 [pdf]The formal properties of non paradigmatic SE
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-02 [pdf]Adjectives and Negation: deriving Contrariety from Contradiction
Mitrović, Moreno
Panagiotidis, Phoevos
2018-02 [pdf]The categorial anatomy of adjectives
Zu, Vera
2018-02 [pdf]Discourse Participants and the Structural Representation of the Context
Smith, Peter W.
Moskal, Beata
Xu, Ting
Kang, Jungmin
Bobaljik, Jonathan
2018-02 [pdf]Case and Number Suppletion in Pronouns
Shaw, Jason
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-02 [pdf]Assessing feature specification in surface phonological representations through simulation and classification of phonetic data
Rasin, Ezer
Berger, Iddo
Lan, Nur
Katzir, Roni
2018-02 [pdf]Learning rule-based morpho-phonology
Bassi, Itai
Rasin, Ezer
2018-02 [pdf]Equational-intensional relative clauses with syntactic reconstruction
Yang, Charles
2018-02 [pdf]Three equations: A formalist perspective on language acquisition
Kim, Kyumin
Melchin, Paul B.
2018-02 [pdf]On the complementary distribution of plurals and classifiers in East Asian classifier languages
Tyler, Matthew
2018-02 [pdf]Simplifying Match Word: Evidence from English functional categories
Al-Khalaf, Eman
2018-02 [pdf]Quantifier Float does not Affect Semantic Scope: An Experimental Investigation
Ciardelli, Ivano
Zhang, Linmin
Champollion, Lucas
2018-02 [pdf]Two switches in the theory of counterfactuals: A study of truth conditionality and minimal change
Schwarz, Bernhard
Simonenko, Alexandra
2018-02 [pdf]Trivial questions
Balari, Sergio
Lorenzo, Guillermo
2018-02 [pdf]The internal, the external and the hybrid: The state of the art and a new characterization of language as a natural object
Simik, Radek
Burianova, Marketa
2018-02 [pdf]Definiteness of bare NPs as a function of clausal position: A corpus study of Czech
Traoré, Yranahan
Féry, Caroline
2018-02 [pdf]Nominal classes and phonological agreement in Fròʔò (Tagbana)
Hackett, Callum
2018-02 [pdf]Justifications for a discontinuity theory of language evolution
Griffiths, James
2018-02 [pdf]Beyond MaxElide: An investigation of A'-movement from elided phrases
Moltmann, Friederike
2018-02 [pdf]Situations, Alternatives, and the Semantics of 'Cases'
Murphy, Elliot
2018-02 [pdf]Implications of Travelling Weakly Coupled Oscillators for the Cortical Language Circuit
Whang, James
2018-02 [pdf]Recoverability-driven coarticulation: Acoustic evidence from Japanese high vowel devoicing
Kubota, Yusuke
Levine, Bob
2018-02 [pdf]On an inadequate defense of an ellipsis-based analysis for Right Node Raising
Belk, Zoe
Neeleman, Ad
2018-02 [pdf]Multi-dominance, Right-Node Raising and Coordination
Neeleman, Ad
Payne, Amanda
2018-02 [pdf]On Matrix Clause Intervention in AcI Constructions
Ellsiepen, Emilia
Bader, Markus
2018-01 [pdf]Constraints on Argument Linearization in German
Tokizaki, Hisao
2018-01 [pdf]Externalization, stress and word order
Koulidobrova, elena
2018-01 [pdf]Counting Nouns in ASL
Grillo, Nino
Aguilar, Miriam
Leah, Roberts
Santi, Andrea
Turco, Giuseppina
2018-01 [pdf]Prosody of classic garden path sentences: The horse raced faster when embedded
Blanchette, Frances
Nadeu, Marianna
2018-01 [pdf]Prosody and the meanings of English negative indefinites
Mckenzie, Andrew
2018-01 [pdf]Mediating relations and the semantics of noun incorporation
Shaw, Jason
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-01 [pdf]Consequences of High Vowel Deletion for Syllabification in Japanese
Szabolcsi, Anna
2018-01 [pdf]Strict and non-strict negative concord in Hungarian: A unified analysis
Hsu, Brian
2018-01 [pdf]Exceptional prosodification effects revisited in Gradient Harmonic Grammar
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-01 [pdf]The feature structure of pronouns: a probe into multidimensional paradigms
Raynaud, Louise
2018-01 [pdf]Clausal pied-piping in Basque wh-questions and syntactic optionality
Coon, Jessica
2018-01 [pdf]Building verbs in Chuj: Consequences for the nature of roots
Krivochen, Diego
2018-01 [pdf]Syntax as Graph Theory
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-01 [pdf]Locative Shift
Bar-Sever, Galia
Lee, Rachael
Scontras, Gregory
Pearl, Lisa
2018-01 [pdf]Little lexical learners: Quantitatively assessing the development of adjective ordering preferences
Deal, Amy Rose
2018-01 [pdf]Indexiphors: Notes on embedded indexicals, shifty agreement, and logophoricity
Jarrah, Marwan
Alshamari, Murdhy
2018-01 [pdf]The syntax of the evidential particle ʃikil in Jordanian Arabic
Coon, Jessica
Parker, Clint
2018-01 [pdf]Case Interactions in Syntax
Storme, Benjamin
2018-01 [pdf]A problem for *Map faithfulness constraints
Lobina, David J.
2018-01 [pdf]On Language and Thought: A Question of Form
Schwarz, Bernhard
Simonenko, Alexandra
2018-01 [pdf]Decomposing universal projection in questions
Rahmani, Hamed
Rietveld, Toni
Gussenhoven, Carlos
2018-01 [pdf]Post-focal and factive deaccentuation in Persian
Herrmann, J. Michael
2018-01 [pdf]The Cannabis page of the Voynich Manuscript
Pitteroff, Marcel
Schäfer, Florian
2018-01 [pdf]Implicit control cross-linguistically
Van Oostendorp, Marc
2018-01 [pdf]History of Phonology: Optimality Theory
Kumagai, Gakuji
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-01 [pdf]Stochastic phonological knowledge and word formation in Japanese
Salzmann, Martin
2018-01 [pdf]Prolepsis
Bozic, Jurij
2018-01 [pdf]Strictly Local Impoverishment: An Intervention Effect
Kayne, Richard
2018-01 [pdf]The Place of Linear Order in the Language Faculty (handout)
Salzmann, Martin
2018-01 [pdf]Revisiting the NP vs. DP debate
Salzmann, Martin
2018-01 [pdf]On the limits of variation in West-Germanic verb clusters. Evidence from displaced morphology and extraposition for the existence of clusters with 213 order
Marti, Luisa
Ionin, Tania
2018-01 [pdf]Wide scope indefinites in Russian
Sato, Yosuke
Maeda, Masako
2018-01 [pdf]Particle Stranding Ellipsis Involves PF-Ellipsis
Rolle, Nicholas
2018-01 [pdf]Transparadigmatic Output-Output Correspondence: A Case Study from Ese Ejja
Marti, Luisa
Ionin, Tania
2018-01 [pdf]Functional and non-functional wide scope indefinites in Russian
Desouvrey, Louis-H
2018-01 [pdf]The Syntax of Italian Clitics
van gelderen, elly
2018-01 [pdf]Cyclical Change and Problems of Projection
Alkhalaf, Eman
2018-01 [pdf]NPI Licensing in Jordanian Arabic: An Argument for Downward Entailment and Syntax-Semantics Interface
Hammerly, Christopher
2018-01 [pdf]Limiting Gender
Collins, Chris
Groat, Erich
2018-01 [pdf]Copies and Repetitions
Goodhue, Daniel
Wagner, Michael
2018-01 [pdf]Intonation, yes and no
Norris, Mark
2018-01 [pdf]Nominal structure in a language without articles: The case of Estonian

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