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Kumagai, Gakuji
2017-11 [pdf]A sound-symbolic alternation to express cuteness and the orthographic Lyman’s Law in Japanese
Broekhuis, Hans
2017-11 [pdf]Object movement (object shift and scrambling)
Yuan, Michelle
2017-11 [pdf]Diagnosing object agreement vs. clitic doubling: Evidence from Inuktitut
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Iconic Pragmatics
Simik, Radek
2017-11 [pdf]Free relatives
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Indexicals (2010)
Duarte Garcia, Guilherme
2017-11 [pdf]Weight effects on stress: lexicon and grammar (PhD Thesis)
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-11 [pdf]A Plural Reference Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Syntactic Trees    [semanticsArchive]
Carter, Sam
Altshuler, Daniel
2017-11 [pdf]‘Now’ with Subordinate Clauses
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Locative Shift
Asoulin, Eran
2017-11 [pdf]Functions in the biological realm - The function of language as a case study
Kim, Kyumin
Melchin, Paul B.
2017-10 [pdf]Modifying plurals, classifiers, and co-occurrence: the case of Korean
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-10 [pdf]Gestural Semantics
Leung, Tommi
2017-10 [pdf]The syntax of two types of sluicing in Tamil
Rooryck, Johan
2017-10 [pdf]Reconsidering inalienable possession in French
Fenger, Paula
2017-10 [pdf]How impersonal does 'one' get? A study of 'man'-pronouns in Germanic
Charlow, Simon
2017-10 [pdf]A modular theory of pronouns and binding
Mendivil-Giro, Jose-Luis
2017-10 [pdf]Why don't languages adapt to their environment?
Jarrah, Marwan
2017-10 [pdf]Temporal/locative inversion in Arabic
Collins, James N.
2017-10 [pdf]Definiteness determined by syntax: A case study in Tagalog
Erschler, David
2017-10 [pdf]Suspended Affixation as Morpheme Ellipsis: Evidence from Ossetic Alternative Questions
Zhang, Linmin
Ling, Jia
2017-10 [pdf]Ambiguous than-clauses and the mention-some reading
Bale, Alan
2017-10 [pdf]Presuppositions, Subcategorization, Lexicalism, Coercion and the Mass-Count Distinction
Staraki, Eleni
2017-10 [pdf]Subjunctive imperative: novel insights from a hybrid category of mood and modality
Snider, Todd
2017-10 [pdf]Anaphoric Reference to Propositions    [semanticsArchive]
Kaminszczik, Sonia
Saab, Andrés
2017-10 [pdf]Locality constraints on θ –theory: Evidence from Spanish ditransitives
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
2017-10 [pdf]Iconic Plurality
Champollion, Lucas
Bumford, Dylan
Henderson, Robert
2017-10 [pdf]Donkeys without borders
Ormazabal, Javier
Romero, Juan
2017-10 [pdf]Historical Changes in Basque Dative Alternations: evidence for a derivational analysis
Panagiotidis, Phoevos
2017-10 [pdf](Grammatical) gender troubles and the gender of pronouns
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-10 [pdf]Infinitival Clauses: Possible-Worlds and Truthmaker Approaches    [semanticsArchive]
Philippova, Tatiana
2017-10 [pdf]Ellipsis in the phrasal comparative: evidence from correlate constraints
Kim, Taehoon Hendrik
2017-10 [pdf]An Experimental Study of Phonological Variation and Variation in Scope Judgments in Korean
Cuerrier, Anaele
Reiss, Charles
2017-10 [pdf]Geminates and vowel laxing in Quebec French
Murphy, Andrew
2017-10 [pdf]Pronominal inflection and NP ellipsis in German
Leivada, Evelina
Kambanaros, Maria
Grohmann, Kleanthes K.
2017-10 [pdf]The Locus Preservation Hypothesis: Shared Linguistic Profiles across Developmental Disorders and the Resilient Part of the Human Language Faculty
Poole, Ethan
Keine, Stefan
Mendia, Jon Ander
2017-10 [pdf]More on (the lack of) reconstruction in tough-constructions
Champollion, Lucas
Bledin, Justin
Li, Haoze
2017-10 [pdf]Rigid and flexible quantification in plural predicate logic
Marti, Luisa
2017-10 [pdf]Zero N: number features and ⊥
Grestenberger, Laura
2017-10 [pdf]Deponency in finite and non-finite contexts
Storme, Benjamin
2017-10 [pdf]Contrast enhancement motivates closed-syllable laxing and open-syllable tensing
Haug, Dag
Jøhndal, Marius
Solberg, Per Erik
2017-10 [pdf]An unexpected root clause
Giorgi, Alessandra
Haroutyunian, Sona
2017-10 [pdf]Indirect reports in Modern Eastern Armenian
Deal, Amy Rose
2017-10 [pdf]Raising to ergative: remarks on applicatives of unaccusatives
Nevins, Andrew
2017-10 [pdf]Copying and Resolution in South Slavic and South Bantu Conjunct Agreement
Bhadra, Diti
2017-10 [pdf]Evidentiality and Questions: Bangla at the Interfaces
Selvanathan, Nagarajan
2017-10 [pdf]Cleft constructions in Tamil and Anti-agreement
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-10 [pdf]Strong Pronominals in ASL and LSF (squib)
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-10 [pdf]Natural Language and Its Ontology
Guzmán Naranjo, Matías
2017-10 [pdf]Analogy in formal grammar
Barrie, Michael
2017-10 [pdf]Head Movement as Feature Geometry Growth
Danis, Nick
2017-10 [pdf]Complex Place and Place Identity
Margaliot, Sasson
2017-10 [pdf]The Finishing Touch – TRANSFER, not MERGE
Stegovec, Adrian
2017-10 [pdf]Personality Disorders and Missing Persons: Deriving the Person-Case Constraint without Case
Erteschik-Shir, Nomi
Josefsson, Gunlög
Köhnlein, Björn
2017-10 [pdf]Variation in Mainland Scandinavian Object Shift and Prosodic Repair
Alshamari, Murdhy
2017-09 [pdf]Topic Particles in the North Hail Dialect of Najdi Arabic
Bartošová, Jitka
2017-09 [pdf]Topics in copular clauses
Breit, Florian
2017-09 [pdf]Melodic heads, saliency, and strength in voicing and nasality
Zukoff, Sam
2017-09 [pdf]Indo-European Reduplication: Synchrony, Diachrony, and Theory
Collins, Chris
2017-09 [pdf]Scalar Modification of Quantifier Phrases
Cavirani, Edoardo
Van Oostendorp, Marc
2017-09 [pdf]A theory of the theory of vowels
Sportiche, Dominique
2017-09 [pdf]Somber Prospects for Late Merger (Short Article)
Bruno, Chris
2017-09 [pdf]Contrastive negation and the theory of alternatives
Uegaki, Wataru
2017-09 [pdf]Semantic approaches to the selectional restriction of responsive predicates    [semanticsArchive]
Kawahara, Shigeto
2017-09 [pdf]The orthographic characterization of rendaku and Lyman’s Law
Giannakidou, Anastasia
Yoon, Suwon
2017-09 [pdf]Rethinking negative polarity and free choice in comparatives: a crosslinguistic perspective
Preminger, Omer
2017-09 [pdf]What the PCC tells us about "abstract" agreement, head movement, and locality
Aravind, Athulya
2017-09 [pdf]Successive cyclicity in DPs: Evidence from Mongolian nominalized clauses
Sundaresan, Sandhya
2017-09 [pdf]Distinct featural classes of anaphor in an enriched person system
Charnavel, Isabelle
2017-09 [pdf]Presupposition failure and intended pronominal reference: Person is not so different from gender after all
Kawahara, Shigeto
Kumagai, Gakuji
2017-09 [pdf]Expressing Evolution in Pokemon Names: Experimental Explorations
Yates, Anthony
2017-09 [pdf]Lexical Accent in Cupeño, Hittite, and Indo-European
Charnavel, Isabelle
2017-09 [pdf]Presupposition failure and intended pronominal reference: Person is not so different from gender after all    [semanticsArchive]
Douglas, Jamie
2017-09 [pdf]Māori subject extraction
Mendia, Jon Ander
2017-09 [pdf]Amount Relatives Redux
Mendia, Jon Ander
2017-09 [pdf]Amount Relatives Redux    [semanticsArchive]
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-09 [pdf]Natural Language and its Ontology    [semanticsArchive]
Barbiers, Sjef
2017-09 [pdf]Adverbs in Strange Places. On the Syntax of Adverbs in Dutch
Murphy, Andrew
Puskar, Zorica
2017-09 [pdf]Closest conjunct agreement is an illusion: Evidence from gender agreement in Serbo-Croatian
Blanchette, Frances
Nadeu, Marianna
2017-09 [pdf]Prosody and the meanings of English negative indefinites
Smith, Larry
2017-09 [pdf]Cognitax Tool Grammar: Re-factoring the Generative Program; A pervasive action dimension for linguistic description, theory and models
Rasin, Ezer
Katzir, Roni
2017-09 [pdf]A learnability argument for constraints on underlying representations
Rasin, Ezer
Berger, Iddo
Lan, Nur
Katzir, Roni
2017-09 [pdf]Learning rule-based morpho-phonology
Kawahara, Shigeto
Noto, Atsushi
Kumagai, Gakuji
2017-09 [pdf]Sound (Symbolic) Patterns in Pokemon Names: Focusing on Voiced Obstruents and Mora Counts
Neeleman, Ad
Payne, Amanda
2017-09 [pdf]PP Extraposition and the Order of Adverbials in English
Bayirli, Isa
2017-09 [pdf]The Universality of Concord
van Urk, Coppe
2017-09 [pdf]Object licensing in Fijian and the role of adjacency
Kubota, Yusuke
Levine, Bob
2017-09 [pdf]The P-stranding generalization does not require covert structure
Landau, Idan
2017-09 [pdf]Non-Obligatory Control with Communication Verbs: New Evidence and Implications
Carstens, Vicki
2017-09 [pdf]Concord and labeling
Kriz, Manuel
2017-09 [pdf]Bare Plurals, Multiplicity, and Homogeneity    [semanticsArchive]
Morley, Rebecca
2017-09 [pdf]Is Phonological Consonant Epenthesis Possible? A Series of Artificial Grammar Learning Experiments
Sakamoto, Yuta
2017-09 [pdf]Overtly Empty but Covertly Complex
Chen, Sherry Yong
2017-09 [pdf]Processing Tenses for the Living and the Dead: A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Lifetime Effects in Tensed and “Tenseless” Languages [Thesis]
Roelofsen, Floris
2017-09 [pdf]The semantics of declarative and interrogative lists    [semanticsArchive]
Justine, Sikuku
Diercks, Michael
Marlo, Michael
2017-09 [pdf]Pragmatic Effects of Clitic Doubling: Two Kinds of Object Markers in Lubukusu
Collins, Chris
2017-09 [pdf]Negating Gradable Adjectives
Coon, Jessica
Keine, Stefan
Wagner, Michael
2017-09 [pdf]Hierarchy effects in copular constructions: The PCC corner of German
Zompi', Stanislao
2017-09 [pdf]Case decomposition meets dependent-case theories
Begus, Gasper
2017-09 [pdf]Post-Nasal Devoicing and a Probabilistic Model of Phonological Typology

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