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Nevins, Andrew
Weisser, Philipp
new [pdf]Closest Conjunct Agreement
Champollion, Lucas
Esipova, Maria
new [pdf]Integrating compositional semantics and event semantics (NASSLLI 2018 lecture notes)
Graf, Thomas
new [pdf]Phonological c-command over strings
Wiślicki, Jan
new [pdf]Light heads and predicate formation: On two scopes of discontinuity
Gentile, Francesco
Schwarz, Bernhard
new [pdf]A uniqueness puzzle: how many-questions and non-distributive predication
Simik, Radek
Burianova, Marketa
freshly changed [pdf]Definiteness of bare NPs as a function of clausal position: A corpus study of Czech
Buccola, Brian
Kriz, Manuel
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Conceptual alternatives
Andersson, Samuel
new [pdf](*)ABA in Germanic verbs
Park, Dongwoo
freshly changed [pdf]When does ellipsis occur, and what is elided?
Champollion, Lucas
Bumford, Dylan
Henderson, Robert
freshly changed [pdf]Donkeys under Discussion
Broohm, Obed Nii
Rabanus, Stefan
new [pdf]Agreement and Syncretism in Esahie
Muñoz Pérez, Carlos
new [pdf]Those are not copies: a focus-based analysis of Spanish predicate doubling
Broekhuis, Hans
freshly changed [pdf]The syntax of Dutch gapping
Pietraszko, Asia
freshly changed [pdf]Relative clauses and CP nominalization in Ndebele
Szabolcsi, Anna
new [pdf]Disembodied or phonetically null operators
Stanton, Juliet
new [pdf]Phonetic lapse in American English –ative
Ciardelli, Ivano
Zhang, Linmin
Champollion, Lucas
freshly changed [pdf]Two switches in the theory of counterfactuals: A study of truth conditionality and minimal change
Kawahara, Shigeto
Kumagai, Gakuji
Katsuda, Hironori
2018-06 [pdf]Accounting for the stochastic nature of sound symbolism using Maximum Entropy model
Kawahara, Shigeto
Lee, Seung Hun
2018-06 [pdf]Truncation in Message-Oriented Phonology: A case study using Korean vocative truncation
Ostrove, Jason
2018-06 [pdf]When Phi-Agreement Targets Topics: The view from San Martín Peras Mixtec
Andersson, Samuel
2018-06 [pdf]Sieves and Herrings: For Distinctive Vowel Length in Swedish
Paillé, Mathieu
Schwarz, Bernhard
2018-06 [pdf]Knowing whether and ignorance inferences
Preminger, Omer
2018-06 [pdf]What the PCC tells us about "abstract" agreement, head movement, and locality
Buccola, Brian
2018-06 [pdf]A restriction on the distribution of exclusive "only"
Ackerman, Lauren
2018-06 [pdf]Syntactic and cognitive issues in investigating gendered coreference
Sheehan, Michelle
2018-06 [pdf]Basic word order in Brazilian Portuguese: a hybrid extended projection principle (EPP)
Carstens, Vicki
2018-06 [pdf]Concord and labeling
Saab, Andrés
Ordóñez, Francisco
2018-06 [pdf]El orden de las causativas en Ibero-Romance
Chacón, Dustin
2018-06 [pdf]How To Make a Pronoun Resumptive
Lacerda, Renato
2018-06 [pdf]The Syntax of Contrastive Topic-Focus Association in the Middle Field of Brazilian Portuguese

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