Multi-dominance, Right-Node Raising and Coordination
Zoe Belk, Ad Neeleman
February 2018

This paper argues, following Barros and Vicente (2011), for a hybrid account of right-node raising as involving either ellipsis or multi-dominance. We demonstrate that the two analyses are not in free variation, due to a restriction that multi-dominance loops can only be closed under coordination. As a consequence, right-node raising in non-coordinate contexts does not show the hallmarks of multi-dominance, but rather behaves like ellipsis. Our argument is built on the characteristics of right-node raising in both nominal and verbal domains, as evidenced by scope, cumulative agreement, relational adjectives and morphological mismatches. The paper concludes with a brief assessment of the implications of the restriction that multi-dominance loops must be closed under coordination.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003848
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Published in: UCL
keywords: right-node raising, multi-dominance, ellipsis, coordination, syntax
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