The syntax of Dutch gapping
Hans Broekhuis
June 2018

This article takes as it point of departure Neijt’s (1979) claim that gapping is a rule of syntax with properties also found in wh-movement constructions. I will refine this proposal by concluding that gapping remnants are A'-moved into the clause-initial position (SpecCP) and/or the specifiers of functional projections such as TopP, FocP and NegP found in the middle field of the clause. I will further show that this approach sheds new light on various problems not satisfactorily solved in earlier approaches to gapping, such as the obligatory elision of finite verbs and complementizers and the distribution of focus and polarity particles.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003844
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Published in: Ro appear in Linguistics in the Netherlands 2018
keywords: gapping, a'-movement, complementizer, finite verb, focus particle, negation, syntax
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