Stress and restrictiveness in phrase and compound
Hisao Tokizaki
February 2015

It is shown that NSR and CSR can be generalized into Non-Head Stress or Bottom Stress. I point out that Non-Head Stress and Bottom Stress have problems of head stress in adjective-noun pairs. I argue that we can solve the problems of generalized stress rules in terms of restrictiveness of modifiers. Stress falls on the restrictive modifier, which is in the same NP with the head and is branching because of implicit alternative modifiers. Stress does not fall on non-restrictive modifiers, which are the specifier of Nominal Phrase (NomP) dominating the NP containing the head noun at the bottom of the whole structure. Then, we can keep generalized stress rules that apply to all types of phrases and compounds. Finally, I suggest the possibility of deriving the generalized stress rules from Restrictive Stress.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003666
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Published in: JELS 32, 346–352.
keywords: adjectives, modifier, non-head, nsr, csr, minimalist, syntax, phonology, semantics, morphology
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