PP Extraposition and the Order of Adverbials in English
Ad Neeleman, Amanda Payne
September 2017

In English, adverbs may intervene between the verb and a selected PP. This fact can be explained in two ways: through extraposition of the PP or through raising of the verb. We explore whether the order among multiple postverbal adverbials can be used to force a decision between these two analyses, as well as a third mixed analysis that assumes both verb raising and PP extraposition.  Adverbial order was first identified as a diagnostic by Pesetsky (1989), who uses it to argue that a mixed analysis is necessary. Further exploration of the data shows, however, that no approach is empirically adequate as it stands. There is a simple way out of this stalemate, as the extraposition analysis, but not the verb raising or mixed analyses, can be amended successfully. The required auxiliary hypothesis is that certain adverbials can adjoin to other adverbials (see also Rohrbacher 1994 and Williams 2014).
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Reference: lingbuzz/003663
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Published in: UCL/University of Delaware
keywords: pp extraposition, verb raising, adverbial hierarchy, scope, amazon mechanical turk, syntax
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