Reply to Roger Schwarzschild on event semantics
Lucas Champollion
July 2014

I reply to various aspects of Roger Schwarzschild’s note "Distributivity, negation and quantification in event semantics: Recent work by L. Champollion." Section 2 shows that sum distributivity as used in lingbuzz/002097 and lingbuzz/002098 is a notational variant of a certain kind of distributivity that uses universal quantifiers and existential quantification over covers. Section 3 considers whether the treatment of "each" in lingbuzz/002098 is compatible with the event semantic framework in lingbuzz/001355. Section 4 attempts to clarify the relation between the accounts of for-adverbials in lingbuzz/001355 and lingbuzz/002097 and answers some questions raised by Schwarzschild. Section 5 amends the treatment of adnominal "each" in lingbuzz/002098 Version 2 (6/9/14), accepts that its scope includes the verb, and considers the consequences for the syntactic structure of double object constructions and prepositional datives.
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Reference: lingbuzz/002165
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keywords: events, distributivity, d operator, star operator, covers, quantifiers, for-adverbials, adverbial each, adnominal each, double object constructions, prepositional datives, semantics
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