Rhyme as phonological multidominance
Marc Van Oostendorp
July 2013

This paper presents an analysis of rhyme in terms of multidominance: rhyming words are argued to share part of their phonological representa- tion. It is shown how this analysis differs from two other formal phono- logical approaches to rhyme — one in terms of Correspondence Theory and one in terms of Loop Theory — and in particular it is studied how the theory can account for imperfect rhymes and the fact that onsets of rhyming syllables (or feet) have to be different. A short case study of a rhyming style that ignores voiceless coronal obstruents concludes.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001843
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Published in: Submitted to a book on Identity in Phonology and Syntax (Van Riemsdijk and Nasukawa, eds.)
keywords: rhyme, poetry, multidominance, phonology
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