A streamlined approach to online linguistic surveys
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine, Hadas Kotek
May 2014

More and more researchers in linguistics use large-scale experiments to test hypotheses about the data they research, in addition to more traditional informant work. In this paper we describe a new set of free, open-source tools that allow linguists with little background in programming or experimental methods to post studies online. These tools allow for the creation of a wide range of linguistic tasks, including linguistic grammaticality surveys, sentence completion tasks, and picture-matching tasks. Our tools further help streamline the design of such experiments and assist in the extraction and analysis of the resulting data. Surveys created using the tools described in this paper can be posted on Amazon.com’s Mechanical Turk, a popular crowdsourcing platform which mediates between ‘Requesters’ who can post surveys online and ‘Workers’ who complete them. This allows many linguistic surveys to be completed within hours or days and at low costs of $50 or less. Alternatively, researchers can host these randomized experiments on their own servers using a supplied server-side component.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001802
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Published in: Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 34 (2), 481–495, 2016; download tools at http://turktools.net
keywords: online, survey, experiment, crowdsourcing, amazon mechanical turk, tools, methods, software, semantics, syntax
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