Das nächste Paradigma: Realistische Linguistik. Eine Ergänzung zum Beitrag Wo stehen wir in der Grammatiktheorie? von Wolfgang Sternefeld und Frank Richter
Martin Neef
February 2014

In a recent article, Wolfgang Sternefeld and Frank Richter review the book 'Grammatiktheorie' by Stefan Müller. With 'Theory of grammar', all three authors mean formal approaches to syntax in a competence-based, cognitive approach, regarding language as a biological object. This general linguistic paradigm stemming from work by Noam Chomsky is inherently contradictory as it equates language and knowledge of language. Jerrold J. Katz, Paul Postal, and Christina Behme, among others, have shown the inadequacies of such an approach. An alternative, proposed by Katz, is Platonic realism (or linguistic realism) that treats language as an abstract object. In this article, I sketch the general features of such an approach and its merits. Moreover, I consider what is an adequate method to work in linguistic realism.
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Published in: published in Muttersprache 124(2): 105-120
keywords: linguistic theory, theory of grammar, nominalism, conceptualism, linguistic realism, language use, knowledge of language, language system, axiomatic method, syntax
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