It not only looks like a dative, it also is
Rita Manzini, Ludovico Franco
September 2013

In this paper we will provide a formal characterization of the category Dative. Basing on data from a wide range of languages (Indo-Aryan, Iranian, Albanian, Romance), we will show that Dative is the superficial case normally associated with animacy/definiteness in Indo-European languages, independently of the particular morphology employed to spell out dative (for instance inflectional or prepositional). We will show that there is a syntactic category Dative coinciding with the morphological one and encompassing both thematic and D (i.e. definiteness/animacy) Dative. We will provide a characterization of thematic dative as an elementary predicate introducing a part-whole (i.e. possession) relation, arguing that there is no need to conceive the D-dative/oblique but as an instance of this same elementary predicate/ operator.
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Reference: lingbuzz/001759
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Published in: resubmitted - new title 'Goal and DOM datives'
keywords: case, agreement, dative, differential object marking, clitic doubling, romance, indo-iranian, albanian., syntax
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