The bipartite structure of verbs cross-linguistically, or Why Mary can't "exhibit John her paintings"
Heidi Harley
March 2007

This (draft) paper first reviews the converging morphological, syntactic and semantic evidence that has accrued in the past two decades for the conclusion that the verb phrase is made up of at least two distinct projections. It then goes on to present a (somewhat sanitized) analysis of how this division has led to a structural characterization of Talmy's Generalization concerning the difference between satellite-framed and verb-framed languages with respect to manner of motion construction (parts 1-5). Finally, the failure of dative shift with 'Latinate' ditransitive verbs in English, and the absence of resultative and verb-particle constructions with these verbs, is given a structural analysis within the bipartite verb framework (parts 6-9).
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Reference: lingbuzz/000435
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Published in: Write-up of a talk given at the 2007 ABRALIN Congres in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
keywords: causatives, double object, dative shift, latinate verbs, verb-particle, little v, morphology, syntax, semantics
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