Beyond Strength and Weakness
Norvin Richards
September 2006

"Beyond Strength and Weakness" is an attempt to develop a theory that predicts, for a given language, whether that language has wh-in-situ or wh-movement. The claim is that a universal condition on the prosody of wh-questions requires wh-phrases to share a prosodic domain of a certain type with the complementizers marking their scope positions, and that this can be achieved either by movement or by manipulating the prosody directly; which options are open to a given language depend on how prosody is organized in that language, and on where the complementizer is.
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keywords: wh-movement, wh-in-situ, overt movement, covert movement, feature strength, syntax-prosody mapping, japanese, basque, chichewa, tagalog, bangla, bengali, phonology, syntax
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