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Bermudez-Otero, Ricardo
freshly changed [pdf]Stratal Phonology
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Linguistic Missing Links.
Al-Khalaf, Eman
freshly changed [pdf]First Conjunct Agreement is an Illusion: Evidence from Arabic
Matchin, William
Rogalsky, Corianne
new [pdf]Aphasia & Syntax (book chapter)
Dai, Huteng
freshly changed [pdf]Explaining Disyllabic Tone Sandhi in Linchuan
Van Oostendorp, Marc
D'Alessandro, Roberta
new [pdf]Metaphony as Magnetism
Bleotu, Adina Camelia
freshly changed [pdf]What does ‘a cireși’ ‘to cherry’ mean? Revisiting Kiparsky’s (1997) Canonical Use Principle from an experimental and theoretical standpoint
Alkhalaf, Eman
new [pdf]NPI Licensing in Jordanian Arabic: An Argument for Downward Entailment and Syntax-Semantics Interface
Merchant, Jason
Pavlou, Natalia
new [pdf]The morphosyntax of the periphrastic future under negation in Cypriot Greek
Nie, Yining
new [pdf]Voice morphology and the features of transitivity
Bernard, Timothée
new [pdf]Negation and distributivity in event semantics - A reply to Schwarzschild and Champollion
Schmitt, Viola
2017-11 [pdf]Cross-categorial plurality and plural composition    [semanticsArchive]
Rolle, Nicholas
2017-11 [pdf]In support of an OT-DM model: Evidence from a morphological conspiracy in Degema
Adebayo, Taofeeq
2017-11 [pdf]Genericity in event semantics: A look at Yoruba generic sentences
Solberg, Per Erik
2017-11 [pdf]The Discourse Semantics of Long-Distance Reflexives
Marti, Luisa
2017-11 [pdf]Inclusive plurals and the theory of number
Charnavel, Isabelle
2017-11 [pdf]Apparent Exemption from Condition A: a Perspective-Based Theory
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]The Semantics and Pragmatics of Appositives [Handbook Article]
Moltmann, Friederike
2017-11 [pdf]Plural Reference and Reference to a Plurality. Linguistic Facts and Semantic Analyses (OUP)    [semanticsArchive]
Goodhue, Daniel
2017-11 [pdf]On the felicity conditions of epistemic modals
Kawahara, Shigeto
2017-11 [pdf]Sound symbolic patterns in Pokémon move names
Goodhue, Daniel
Wagner, Michael
2017-11 [pdf]Intonation, yes and no
Norris, Mark
2017-11 [pdf]Description and analyses of nominal concord (Parts I-II)
Broekhuis, Hans
2017-11 [pdf]Asymmetrical coordination. Syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
M, M
2017-11 [pdf]Decomposing EPP effects in Greek enclisis
Schlenker, Philippe
2017-11 [pdf]Gesture Projection and Cosuppositions
Cremers, Alexandre
Roelofsen, Floris
Uegaki, Wataru
2017-11 [pdf]Distributive ignorance implications of inquisitive and epistemic attitudes    [semanticsArchive]
Begus, Gasper
2017-11 [pdf]The Origins of the Voice System and Subject-Only Restriction in Austronesian
Kumagai, Gakuji
2017-11 [pdf]A sound-symbolic alternation to express cuteness and the orthographic Lyman’s Law in Japanese
Broekhuis, Hans
2017-11 [pdf]Object movement (object shift and scrambling)

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