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Zdziebko, Slawomir
new [pdf]Some reflections on the classification of Polish verbs
Borise, Lena
Polinsky, Maria
new [pdf]Focus without movement: syntax-prosody interface in Georgian
Talic, Aida
new [pdf]Spelling out enclitics and giving their tone a voice: Cyclic clitic incorporation in BCS and breaking the cycle
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
freshly changed [pdf]Iconic Plurality
Talic, Aida
new [pdf]Upward P-cliticization, accent shift, and extraction out of PP
Rolle, Nicholas
new [pdf]Output-Output Correspondence via Agreement by Projection
Wiland, Bartosz
new [pdf]Anti-freezing and peeling
Schlenker, Philippe
freshly changed [pdf]Locative Shift
Sande, Hannah
Jenks, Peter
new [pdf]Cophonologies by Phase
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
freshly changed [pdf]Negation and the Functional Sequence
van gelderen, elly
freshly changed [docx]Cyclical Change and Problems of Projection
Charlow, Simon
freshly changed [pdf]The scope of alternatives: Indefiniteness and islands
Lima, Ananda
new [pdf]Modality in Sinhala and its Syntactic Representation
Sheehan, Michelle
Paciorek, Albertyna
Williams, John
freshly changed [pdf]Case/agreement matching: evidence for a cognitive bias
Schlenker, Philippe
freshly changed [pdf]Strong Pronominals in ASL and LSF (squib)
Simonenko, Alexandra
Crabbé, Benoît
Prévost, Sophie
new [pdf]Effects of text form on grammatical changes in Medieval French. A treebank-based diachronic study
Stegovec, Adrian
freshly changed [pdf]Obvia et Impera! A case for ‘perspectival control’ in directive clauses
Grella, Matteo
2018-05 [pdf]Anaphora Resolution via Latent Antecedents Representation: A Brief Idea
White, Aaron Steven
Rawlins, Kyle
2018-05 [pdf]The role of veridicality and factivity in clause selection
Huang, Nick
2018-05 [pdf]The bound possessor effect: a new argument for the phasehood of definite DPs
Pitteroff, Marcel
Sheehan, Michelle
2018-05 [pdf]The case for fake partial control in French and German
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-05 [pdf]Prolegomena to Music Semantics
Mari, Alda
Portner, Paul
2018-05 [pdf]Mood variation with belief predicates: Modal comparison in semantics and the common ground
Sheehan, Michelle
Cyrino, Sonia
2018-05 [pdf]Why do some ECM verbs resist passivisation? A phase- based explanation
Haida, Andreas
Crnič, Luka
Grodzinsky, Yosef
2018-05 [pdf]Linguistic barriers to logical reasoning: a new perspective on Aristotelian syllogisms
Solak, Ercan
Ehsani, Razieh
2018-05 [pdf]A unifying analysis of Turkish relative clause
Bennett, Ryan
2018-05 [pdf]Recursive prosodic words in Kaqchikel (Mayan)
Levin, Theodore
2018-05 [pdf]On the nature of differential object marking: Insights from Palauan
Sulemana, Abdul-Razak
2018-05 [pdf]Q-particles and the nature of Covert movement: evidence from Bùlì
Harizanov, Boris
Gribanova, Vera
2018-05 [pdf]Whither Head Movement?

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