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Al-Khalaf, Eman
freshly changed [pdf]Floating Quantifiers are Autonomous Phrases: A Movement Account
White, Aaron Steven
Rudinger, Rachel
Rawlins, Kyle
Van Durme, Benjamin
new [pdf]Lexicosyntactic Inference in Neural Models
van gelderen, elly
new [pdf]The particle `how'
van gelderen, elly
new [pdf]Features and affix-hop
Elly van Gelderen, Mariana
new [pdf]The interaction between the French subject and object cycles
Khalaf, Eman
freshly changed [pdf]Conjunct Constraint is Inviolable
Broekhuis, Hans
Den Dikken, Marcel
freshly changed [pdf]'Tot (aan) het einde ((aan) toe)'. The internal syntax of a Dutch complex PP
Bonami, Olivier
Paperno, Denis
new [pdf]Inflection vs. Derivation in a Distributional Vector Space
Wood, Jim
new [pdf]Everything out! Evacuating the Icelandic vP
Wood, Jim
Barros, Matthew
Sigurðsson, Einar
new [pdf]Case mismatching in Icelandic clausal ellipsis
Kayne, Richard
new [pdf]Notes on Expletive There
Schlenker, Philippe
freshly changed [pdf]Gestural Grammar
Buccola, Brian
Dautriche, Isabelle
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Competition and symmetry in an artificial word learning task
Hackett, Callum
2018-08 [pdf]Justifications for a discontinuity theory of language evolution
Baier, Nico
2018-08 [pdf]Anti-Agreement [PhD thesis]
Takita, Kensuke
2018-08 [pdf]Labeling for Linearization
Zdziebko, Slawomir
2018-08 [pdf]Polish vowel backing: a feature geometric approach
Xiang, Yimei
2018-08 [pdf]Alternations of logical functions: Mandarin particle dou as a pre-exhaustification exhaustifier
Poole, Ethan
2018-08 [pdf]Improper case
Collins, Chris
Groat, Erich
2018-08 [pdf]Copies and Repetitions
Yang, Charles
2018-08 [pdf]A User's Guide to the Tolerance Principle
Djamouri, Redouane
Paul, Waltraud
2018-08 [pdf]Disharmony in harmony with diachronic stability: The case of Chinese
Davis, Colin
2018-08 [pdf]The Constraints and Consequences of Possessor Extraction in English
Esipova, Maria
2018-08 [pdf]Constraints on QUD-addressing appositives: pragmatics or prosody?
Yuan, Mengxi
Hara, Yurie
2018-07 [pdf]Guiding assertions and questions in discourse: Mandarin dique and zhende
Simik, Radek
2018-07 [pdf]Ever free relatives crosslinguistically
Collins, James N.
2018-07 [pdf]Definiteness determined by syntax: A case study in Tagalog
Kawahara, Shigeto
Moore, Jeff
2018-07 [pdf]Exploring sound symbolic knowledge of English speakers using Pokemon character names
Davis, Colin
2018-07 [pdf]Crossing and Stranding at Edges
Iosad, Pavel
2018-07 [pdf]Phonology in the Soviet Union

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